Stop production before you get the mobile phone? Meizu 16spro off the official website, what does it mean?

I’m sure you know a lot about the current mobile phone market. Although many domestic mobile phone brands have indeed risen, for some small mobile phone manufacturers, the pressure is increasing. For example, although Meizu is famous in the domestic market, its sales volume is not very high. In fact, it’s not because of the poor quality of Meizu’s products. The biggest problem is the stock of Meizu’s mobile phones.

People who know Meizu should know that every time Meizu publishes information, the stock is not enough. I believe everyone still has some impression that the stock of Meizu pro7 released in 2017 is too much, but the sales volume has not been increased, leading to unsalable sales. Later, it had to sell at a loss. Since then, Meizu has not dared to stock too much for every product it publishes. It is worried that it will repeat the mistakes, even if it is Released a very popular Meizu products, in the stock is also very cautious.

For example, the Meizu 16spro released in 2019 has to admit that the Meizu 16S Pro is indeed a very cost-effective flagship mobile phone. In terms of appearance, it adopts a 6.2-inch symmetrical full screen design, and the back of the body adopts a vertical three camera. In addition to its high appearance value, the hand experience is also very good. The thickness of the body is only 7.65mm, and the weight is controlled at 166g. We usually play games or do other operations It’s very comfortable to hold it in your hand.

In terms of hardware configuration, it is equipped with the snapdragon 855plus processor, which is also the most powerful processor in the market last year. In addition, with the blessing of ufs3.0 flash memory, the mobile phone can run games or open software faster. In addition to very strong performance, the performance in other aspects is also very impressive. For example, in terms of endurance, the capacitance is 3600 ma. Although the capacitance is not very large, the power duration is no less than some 4000 Ma mobile phones on the market. In addition, there is 24W flash charging technology, which can fully charge the battery in a very short time.

Although the performance of Meizu 16S pro in all aspects is very eye-catching, there is one thing that Chinese consumers are most dissatisfied with, that is, the stock is too small. Many netizens even said that the launch of Meizu 16S Pro started to rush to buy. Up to now, it has been half a year since it was released, but it still hasn’t been snatched. In recent years, some netizens have found that Meizu 16S Pro seems to have stopped production, because some netizens have found that this mobile phone has been taken off the shelves in Jingdong self-supporting platform, and in Meizu official mall, three memory versions and four color matching of Meizu 16S Pro are all sold out.

After all, Meizu 16S Pro has existed for half a year, and many netizens intend to buy a Meizu 16S pro in the near future. If they want to buy this mobile phone, they may only be able to go to the second-hand market. What do you think about this?

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