Strange faces protrude from the surface of Mars, and scientists are very excited about the suspected existence of advanced civilization

Among the eight major planets in the solar system, Mars is a mysterious planet that seems to be unobtrusive, but it has obvious characteristics of independent universe. As a scientist now, it is a planet with bad climate and no conditions for life, because despite the endless sand on the surface of Mars, coupled with the lack of water resources and atmospheric comfort, it is barren.

Since the middle and late last century, scientists have sent the probe directly to Mars, which was a great achievement at that time. Because China’s science and technology level was not advanced enough at that time, there were various restrictions on human exploration of Mars and aliens. When curiosity and courage landed on Mars and carried out a series of scientific missions, this was bound to give rise to difficulties Mars exploration in the universe has brought about a new transformation.

However, just recently, the probe found a structure map of a suspected human face on Mars, which immediately cheered up the researchers, because it is likely to be related to the Martian people suspected by human beings. Although they have been exploring Mars for so many years, they have not found any relevant evidence, but behind this Mars research, there are still great suspicions, Bi said There are still many people on Mars who believe that there are Martians.

According to this conjecture, the reason is very simple. There is no water on this planet at all, and these water are very ancient things. Here, it is exaggerating to say that Mars is a very dry planet. On this planet, the structure of suspicious faces may be a visual error, or someone maliciously hyped on the Internet. This is pure nonsense.

In this regard, the scientific teams who have studied extraterrestrial life for several years also have different views, because for them, there are many conjectures about Martian life on earth before that. Therefore, in this case, we are very calm in the face of the appearance of face structure.

Because they know that there are many suspicious events on Mars before that, and these events have not been solved in the end, so they think that the high degree of attention to this matter now is entirely because they have a lot of network hot discussions behind it, and these hot discussions will inevitably become the same situation as before without further research, that is to say Time flies.

Therefore, for such things, even the visual errors of the patterns on sand dunes have nothing to do with life on Mars. Moreover, in such cases, there are still many places for scientists to improve. The exploration of extraterrestrial life is still a very long-term study.

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