Strange ghost plane, missing for 35 years, suspected to enter the time tunnel

Aircraft is now an indispensable means of transportation for human beings. Sometimes, when we go abroad or travel long distances, we can almost make airplanes. Because the plane is fast and safe, it can be said that there is basically no danger on the plane at present, but after all, there will still be accidents.

What we’re going to describe next is an accident. After 35 years of disappearance, the ghost plane suddenly landed at the airport. Sometimes is an empty tunnel true?

On September 9, 1990, a strange ghost plane was found on the control tower of calaga airport in Venezuela, South America. At that time, people were busy.

Some got on the plane, some got off the plane, some came to pick up their relatives and friends. Suddenly, they saw a Douglas airliner that had been abandoned for many years coming to the airport.

Because the radar couldn’t find the plane at all, and there was no record of the plane coming soon. They thought it was a flying saucer. The airport staff was very confused and asked: This is karaga airport. Where did you come from, or did you fly to the wrong place?

The pilot on the plane screamed back, “Oh, my God! We’re Pan American Flight 914, from New York to Florida, with an error of more than 2000 kilometers.

Then he immediately took out his flight diary and showed it to the airport staff. 35 years later, the plane took off on July 2, 1955. At that time, airport officials were very surprised to say that it was impossible. You’re making up a story. You think it’s strange to suspect that this is a ghost plane.

Later, to confirm that this was true or false, Flight 914 did take off from New York on July 2, 1955 and disappeared on the way to Florida.

At that time, the relevant personnel have been searching, but have not found. The fate of the passengers on board is uncertain. It’s impossible to compensate for all the death insurance. It really surprised their families that these people returned to their homes in the United States on the plane.

The children and their relatives are old, but they are still as young as they were then. The U.S. police and scientists specially examined the passenger’s ID card and body, believing that this is not a farce, but a fact. Suspicious entrance empty tunnel.

Professor sniver, an American physicist, believes that the plane may have entered another tunnel, the so-called time space tunnel. There are many “time empty tunnels” between the so-called time empty tunnels. Ordinary people can’t see them with their eyes, but they exist objectively.

A mysterious missing person, ship, plane, etc. In history, it actually entered this mysterious “time empty tunnel”. Some scholars believe that the “time space tunnel” may be related to the “black hole” in the universe.

Professor John buchley, a famous American scientist, put forward the following theoretical hypothesis: “time space tunnel” is objective and concrete. I can’t see it or touch it. For the material world we live in, it is closed, but not absolutely closed – occasionally open.

The “time tunnel” and the human world are not a time system. Entering another time system, it is possible to go back to the distant past or enter the future, because in the “time empty tunnel”, time has directivity and reversibility. It can rotate forward, backward, or relatively still.

For the material world on earth, entering the “time empty tunnel” means mysterious disappearance; going out of the “time empty tunnel” means mysterious reappearance.

Because time can be relatively static in the “time empty tunnel”, it is like a day or half a day to miss decades. This series of problems are waiting for scientists to explore and solve the mysteries of nature.

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