Strange “human face” found at the bottom of the sea, does prehistoric civilization really exist? Scientist: think too much!

The ocean is the birthplace of life on earth. In the natural evolution of hundreds of millions of years, the ocean has become the largest area on earth. People’s understanding of the ocean is relatively simple. Because the ocean is not deep enough, in the past when science and technology were not developed, human beings could not stay in the ocean for a long time, let alone go to the bottom of the sea. With the continuous development of science and technology, scientists have also carried out a comprehensive exploration of the ocean. Through advanced science and technology, they can dive deep into the seabed, so they have found many unusual phenomena.

The human face on the bottom of the sea is carved from stone

The ecological environment at the bottom of the sea is relatively bad, and some unknown creatures may live there. But in the depths of the East China Sea, scientists have found a mysterious face, which is very strange in the depths of the ocean, and the facial expression is very vivid, which is really creepy.

When the scientists approached, they found that these faces were not real faces, but carved from stone. Many people speculate that maybe these people are also formed by the sea inundating the village and the people of the village sinking to the bottom of the sea after a long period of seawater erosion. It’s not only that the terracotta warriors are still intact after a long time of erosion.

Human faces on the sea floor may affect the ecological environment

However, after continuous exploration by scientists, it is found that this guess may be wrong. The stone sculptures left by ancient people are not the products of modern civilization. According to the analysis of the data, the existence of these stone statues is not long, so it should be recently appeared. The reason why scientists make such a guess may be related to human behavior.

With the continuous development of modern civilization, mankind’s plunder of the earth’s resources has reached a very crazy point, and even the ocean has become a recycling bin for human waste. Many of these domestic wastes have even reached the bottom of the sea, seriously affecting the marine ecological environment. Many swimming enthusiasts do not pay attention to the protection of ecological civilization when they travel on the seabed, which damages many marine plants and greatly affects the ecological environment. Therefore, in order to alert these unqualified talents, some local artists have carved these portraits and sunk them into the bottom of the sea to create a thrilling atmosphere, so that human beings will not be destroyed in the bottom of the sea.

The evaluation of this practice is also mixed. Some people think that the starting point of this event is good, which can alert human beings to protect the ecological environment, but these stones are deposited in the depths of the sea, which will affect the ecological balance of the ocean for a long time. Even with such a gimmick, people will have more curiosity about this place and attract more people to watch. What do you think of these figures on the sea floor? Welcome to comment area message exchange discussion.

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