Strange people can not only spit blood, but also suck blood from any part of the human body. Doctors try their best to discover the truth

There is such a farmer in Nanning, Guangxi. He has a marvelous skill, that is, he can control the direction of blood in his body, and he can spit blood at any time, and his body will not be hurt. What’s more surprising is that if his mouth touches any part of his body, he can suck out a big mouthful of blood, which may happen in the movie A scene, but in reality it really happened.

The media all over the country flocked to see this simple man. Is he the blood sucking man in the report? Then, in front of many people, he truly demonstrated his unique skills. At the same time, under the examination of doctors and reporters, he was able to confirm that there were no props in his mouth at all.

When he showed his unique skills, almost a minute later, his face became more and more red, and then the red blood leaked out from the corner of his mouth. In the following time, he put his mouth on his arm and began to suck out blood. It was less than a minute. His arm was covered with blood, but there was no damage to his skin. Could this man really spit out his blood from his body?

And it’s amazing that when blood is spit out from here, there will be a kind of fresh and sweet taste, which is the same as blood in principle, and there is no feeling when spitting out. He went on to say that I don’t know where to spit out, and I went to check that there is no change in my body. If there is any discomfort in my body, such as dizziness after blood drawing, etc But I have nothing. So can humans really spit their blood out of their bodies?

He went on to say, in fact, I will come out mainly with my kung fu. He didn’t know exactly how. So when did you discover this power? It should have been when he was 8 years old. It was in the morning when he was practicing kung fu, but suddenly he was bleeding.

But the paper can’t hold fire. My parents found out after all, so they were very afraid and took me to check everywhere, but after checking, they found that there was no problem at all. So from then on, the man thought it was his grandfather who taught him martial arts. That’s why he had this unique skill.

Experts, scholars and doctors don’t agree. They think that there is bleeding in the man’s body, and there are some bleeding points in his body, so this is the situation. What is the answer in the expert consultation in the hospital? When he began to show his unique skills in front of the doctor, the doctor quickly took a blood sample. First, the doctor tested the sample to confirm that it was real blood. Second, he checked that he didn’t bite a certain part of his mouth.

The doctor then introduced that there are three reasons for human bleeding. The first reason is that the blood vessel wall is damaged. The second reason is platelet and coagulation disorders. The third reason is the disease of the body. Then, after checking his blood, it is found that his blood is also very special. At the same time, it seems that his blood vessel wall is relatively normal externally. Will he get some disease?

But if you get a disease, it means that the kidney, liver, spleen and stomach internal organs will be bleeding, and once the bleeding starts, it can’t stop. According to the X-ray, the doctor also thinks that his body is not in great condition. What’s the matter?

Finally, I didn’t expect that the doctor of Stomatology pointed out a strange point. His gums are always red and swollen, and the stones are relatively heavy. Is he stomatitis?

But how can normal stomatitis patients have so much bleeding?

Later, when the doctor gave him oral examination, he suddenly found that the white cotton ball was dyed red, so the doctor used the cotton ball to wipe this part repeatedly. As expected, there was continuous blood. Is this the so-called bleeding point? Every time when hematemesis blood is to rely on the right corner of the mouth outflow, so this is really the answer to the mystery?

Because he has been practicing martial arts with his grandfather since childhood, he has a very good physique. When he practices martial arts, his mouth will form a strong negative pressure, and his gums will feel the effect of external force, so he will continue to bleed. As for being able to absorb blood on his skin, it’s just his sense of self.

It turns out that this is the answer to the mystery of strange people who can spit and suck blood. Human beings will not have any special functions.

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