Strange phenomena appear over the earth, or pose a threat to human beings. Let’s see what musk does!

In our opinion, the environment above the earth should be stable, but some time ago, in order to accurately capture such a picture, there are a lot of space garbage all over the earth, which are running around the earth. These space garbage are actually hidden bombs. If human beings are launching probes or manned spacecraft into space, they are likely to be hit by space garbage Maybe it will fall to the earth.

space trash

A lot of people may have doubts. The power of space garbage is really so powerful. Why don’t humans deal with it? In fact, since the beginning of modern times, many developed countries have launched probes into the universe, but not every time the launch process is smooth, there are many probes in the process of liftoff, accidents, become floating debris in space. Rocket debris, abandoned satellites, and tools and equipment dropped by astronauts are all space debris. According to the data of scientists, there are more than 100 million pieces of debris in space, weighing 1800 cars.

This is not the worst phenomenon. What worries scientists is that these garbage also have strong regeneration ability. When they run in space, they may collide. When these garbage fragments collide, the new garbage generated may be more exaggerated than before. Although there is no harm to human beings caused by space garbage on earth, we should not take it lightly. With the rapid development of space industry, more and more countries begin to put the focus of exploration into the universe. Therefore, in the future, the manned space industry will develop more and more rapidly, and the natural disappearance rate of space garbage is far behind the increasing momentum.

How to deal with space waste?

In fact, many countries have noticed this phenomenon. If we want to solve this problem, we can only stop or remove it from the source. Rocket maniac musk also put forward his own view, they now focus on recyclable rockets, which can not only reduce space waste, but also reduce costs. China has also done a lot of work on the treatment of space waste.

In 1984, the satellite launched by the United States failed, and the two satellites floated in the universe. After that, the space shuttle was launched. Before the shuttle came to earth, it flew to the vicinity of the abandoned satellite. The astronauts brought the two abandoned satellites back to earth. Later, the abandoned satellite was sold to Hong Kong AsiaSat company, which was later called AsiaSat.

It can be said that this is really turning waste into treasure. With the rapid development of science and technology, we can’t forget to protect the environment of the earth and the universe. If these garbage can’t be disposed of, it will ultimately affect human beings. What do you think?

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