Strange! Someone witnessed UFO and hovered in the air. What do they want?

Not long ago, a Spanish man witnessed an orange UFO in the valley, and then hovered on the cliff. When the UFO suddenly disappeared, a mysterious ring was left in the sky, which was composed of dark brown smoke. What’s more strange is that soon, the ring became a spherical object like a virus, until it gradually disappeared.

There are similar reports in the United States and Russia. For example, this strange thing happened in Russia in the 1980s. According to eyewitnesses, a UFO was flying in the sky at that time, but when it was flying well, it suddenly disappeared. After the disappearance, the sky it stayed in left a huge question mark.

In ancient books, there are also things similar to UFO’s display of heavenly script. It is said that during the reign of Daoguang in the Qing Dynasty, on a cliff somewhere in Guizhou, there was the appearance of Tianshu, and the whole process was extremely magical. At that time, the sky appeared a rare phenomenon of “tianyankai” – in fact, it was a human eye like UFO. After the UFO disappeared suddenly, some strange characters were left on the nearby cliff. These characters have no ancient font, and no one can recognize them, but their basic structure is very similar to that of ancient hieroglyphics.

Westerners have also recorded that after the UFO mysteriously disappears, some strange numbers will appear in the sky where it stays. For example, a UFO to digital incident happened in the former Soviet Union. According to eyewitnesses, a UFO circled and wandered in the air, but soon it suddenly disappeared, but a number appeared in the place where it just stayed: “999”, which changed into 169 and disappeared again.

Researchers call this phenomenon “celestial script” because no one really knows exactly what these numbers or figures mean, or what these UFOs are trying to tell us.

Some scholars have proposed that UFO is likely to come from other dimensional space, rather than three-dimensional space, so UFO disappears in an instant. When UFO disappears into other dimensions, it sometimes interferes with the flow of micro matter such as quantum, thus forming some strange words, numbers, graphics and even other mysterious symbols. Perhaps these so-called “heavenly script” are randomly generated and meaningless.

But this view is not entirely convincing. Some netizens think that maybe this is the information that aliens want to tell us, but human beings are far behind in understanding the information of aliens.

However, such UFO sightings are not the majority and are relatively rare. Are they really a kind of advanced civilization trying to connect with human beings? Or are they giving us some hints? Unfortunately, scientists don’t know that either. But on the whole, we can be sure that the ancients also encountered this kind of thing, so the plot of Tianjiang “Tianshu” appeared.

But what do these UFOs mean by the numbers, graphics or words they produce from time to time? So far, the problem seems to be a mystery.

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