Strange things happen in the cattle shed of the farmer’s house, and strange black cattle eggs continue to appear

We all know that when a cow gives birth to a calf, it is viviparous rather than oviparous. But in a farmer’s home, there is a very strange scene that a cow can lay eggs.

The thing is, in a certain farm, the farmer raised a lot of cattle and took good care of them on weekdays. And the cows have to give birth, of course, the calves were born smoothly.

But after a while, when the farmer was cleaning up the cattle shed, he saw a few round eggs. The farmer was very surprised. He thought, is it the eggs of other birds or other animals? So he just took care of the eggs and waited in the barn to see if there would be a similar phenomenon.

Did not expect to let him very surprised scene appeared again.

There are eggs in the cowshed. These eggs are large and small, a total of four or five, the appearance is oval, and the whole body is a black color.

So the farmer asked his neighbors, and they said that they didn’t know there was such a thing. So some people said to the farmer, you can take out the cow’s eggs for identification. Maybe someone knows what other animal’s eggs are. The farmer thought it was reasonable, so he took the eggs for everyone to appreciate.

We looked left and right, but none of the people around us could say what it was, so we scattered.

Later, this event was publicized more and more widely, which shocked the local media. The media interviewed the farmer, and the farmer explained these things to the media in detail. He told the media that he could contact some scientists to carry out precise tests on his eggs – because he also wanted to know what kind of biological eggs it was.

Sure enough, after the media scrambled to report, the scientists came all the time. First of all, the density test was carried out. It can be known that the density of this cow egg is relatively uniform, so it can be inferred that this is non living tissue. If the egg is a living tissue, there must be blood, organs, bones and so on. Then the density of different parts must be different. Therefore, experts infer that this is definitely not a living creature.

Since it is not a living creature, why does it appear in the cowshed? Why is it still in the form of eggs?

Experts then carried out X-ray detection and found that there was no egg structure inside. First, there was no egg white or yolk. Second, most importantly, it was solid. As we all know, eggs must be hollow. Because when the embryo is formed, it will leave some air to circulate and transport oxygen to itself, which proves once again that this cow egg is not a living creature at all.

So what’s the problem?

Why only the farmer’s cattle produce this kind of eggs, so the experts tested the cattle and their feed.

Later, it was found that since it was the trace element phosphorus in cattle feed, its content was relatively low. If the content of phosphorus was low, it would cause pica of feeding animals. If animals are pica, they eat everything but feed. So what is the bull’s egg we’ve been talking about?

With the consent of the farmers, the experts decomposed the eggs and tested them. Only later did they know that the eggs were composed of saliva and hair.

After the test results came out, everyone was dumbfounded. Why are cattle eggs made of cattle hair?

Even if it’s cow hair, how can it become an egg shape? It turns out that if a cow suffers from pica, its stomach will break down mucin. And this kind of mucin will pack the cattle hair it swallows up layer by layer, carry on the continuous training in the stomach, and finally be discharged from the body.

It turns out that bovine egg is not an egg at all, nor a new creature, but a product of layers of bovine hair coated with mucin. In the face of new things, we need to be rational and objective, listen to scientific opinions, so as to remove more doubts.

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