Strange! “Unidentified object with wings” appeared near the sun, suspected to be absorbing the energy of the sun

Alien life and alien civilization have always been an interesting topic. Different people have different opinions on whether there are alien life and alien civilization or not. However, measuring the size of the universe, the number of celestial bodies and the length of time, the possibility of the emergence of alien life and civilization in the universe is very high. With the alien life and civilization that have not been found so far, it is simply considered that only human beings can survive It’s naive for us to have alien life and civilization on earth.

Because our means of observation are still very primitive, and our understanding and exploration of the universe is still in its infancy, if the divine civilization in the universe, and they do not want us to see them, then we will not be able to see them at all.

In the solar system, the sun is an object that outputs energy. If an alien spacecraft comes to the solar system and needs to supplement energy, absorbing the light energy close to the sun will be the first choice. Recently, foreign media reported that UFO researchers found a huge object near the sun photographed by NASA, claiming that it was evidence of alien civilization activities.

In the picture taken by NASA’s solar observation satellite, a huge object appears in the picture taken by NASA near the sun. It is very close to the sun and looks very bright. There are parts extending outwards on both sides. The famous Alien Hunter wellin thinks that this is an alien spaceship. It absorbs energy near the sun, and the bright line is the energy it absorbs, which is called the middle line The blurry part is the translucent shell, and the extended part on both sides is the disk extension of wings or flying saucer. He thinks that the alien spaceship is trying to hide its existence from us.

In terms of its proportion to the sun, the planet is only half the size of the moon, and its mass is also quite large. Welling and others think it is a huge alien spacecraft, but others think it is likely to be an asteroid. It is not so big, but the light is strongly reflected in the sun, and part of the light is counted, so it looks big.

The center of gravity of the solar system is the sun. All the celestial bodies in the solar system revolve around it. At the same time, there are many asteroids and comets, and many small celestial bodies approach the sun from the other end of the earth, and then leave quickly, so that we can’t find them. Others, however, believe that the spot may be the light of a star near the sun.

Therefore, there will be aliens near the sun to absorb solar energy. Most of such information is not credible. Of course, we can’t confirm whether they are natural objects or aliens.

Although we still can’t know whether the alien civilization exists, so far, there is no conclusive evidence for the appearance of alien life or alien spaceships. Moreover, human probes have been far away from other planets in the solar system, and no alien life has been found. Therefore, even if the alien life exists, the alien civilization also has the existence of great gods, and they don’t want to contact us, I don’t want us to find them, even if they come to us, we can’t see them.

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