Su Shi found “UFO” and wrote a poem, which caused a thousand years of unsolved cases

There have been reports about UFOs all the time, especially after the three UFO videos released by the United States this year, more people firmly believe that aliens really exist.

If you look at our galaxy, there are more than 300 billion stars, more than 280 billion planets, and hundreds of millions of other nebulae, star clusters, asteroids, comets and other celestial bodies.

The Milky way is just an ordinary Galaxy in the universe. At present, about 125 billion galaxies have been discovered and observed. What a huge number!

Therefore, the planet of life is absolutely impossible to exist only on earth. Alien life exists absolutely, but we haven’t found it yet!

Area 51 of the United States is a place full of mysteries. There have been rumors about the study of aliens here, but the United States has never disclosed any information about area 51. So the existence of aliens is even more doubtful.

In ancient China, there are also records about UFOs, which can be traced back to the time of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty

The people of wanqu, who are ten feet tall, have electric eyes and are like young children, are dressed in birds and animals and take a spiral boat. This boat can sink into the bottom of the sea for both land and water. They have a cordial and friendly conversation with Qin Shihuang about the scene of the beginning of heaven and earth.

Moreover, Su Shi, the literary leader in the middle of the Northern Song Dynasty and one of the eight great writers of the Tang and Song Dynasties, also discovered UFOs, and recorded in his work “visiting Jinshan Temple”:

“At the beginning of the second lunar month, the moon is dark.

There seems to be a torch in the middle of the river, and the flying flame shines on the mountain.

I’m so disappointed that I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m not a ghost or a human being? “

Although there are only a few poems in Su Shi’s poem, it leads to an eternal mystery about UFO.

Here, Su Shi witnessed the emergence of UFOs. Just then, the moon rose from the river and went down the mountain the next night, leaving only darkness. Because the moonlight is fading, so is the feeling of enjoying the night.

Just as he wanted to go back and have a rest, a UFO suddenly appeared on the river, which shocked Su Shi. He didn’t know what the sudden object was, so he used “what is not a ghost or a human?” To describe.

You know, in ancient times, “ghosts” were used to describe some unknown things, so Su Shi also called this UFO “river god”.

Later generations have conducted in-depth research and Analysis on it, and summed up five possibilities: ① it’s a gathering and luminous creature; ② it’s a Yin fire; ③ it’s a flame formed by burning reeds; ④ it’s a natural object mythologized by Su Shi; ⑤ it’s Su Shi’s illusion.

However, it’s not reasonable to explain this illusion by force, because from Su Shi’s writing, his poetry is clear, and from the description of this object, it can shine, dive, and it’s very special, which is very similar to our description of UFOs today.

Besides, the friends who have been to Jinshan Temple should know that the river in Su Shi’s poem is very calm at night. It is impossible to raise a strange fire from the river, and this fire is likely to rise from the bottom of the water. So Xiao Bian thinks that what Su Shi sees is probably a UFO.

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