Sudden cooling of the weather, scientists: the earth’s environment may change greatly in 2050, has global warming been controlled?

Many people say that this year is the hottest year in recent decades, and this summer is hotter than ever. New breakthroughs have been made in the temperature records of many countries. The 51 degree high temperature in the United States and the 38 degree high temperature in the Arctic prove to us that global warming has become a reality. I believe you can also feel the extreme change of temperature these days. During a National Day holiday, many people have changed from short sleeves to thick coats. This not only makes us doubt, is global warming under control?

In fact, global warming does not happen in recent years. After the improvement of human economic level, we have entered the industrial age. Although a large number of heavy industries have brought rapid development to our economic level, the earth’s environment has been seriously damaged. According to the statistics of scientists, the carbon dioxide content in the earth’s atmosphere has exceeded the highest record in recent hundreds of years. If this situation continues, the greenhouse effect will become more and more obvious, and the earth may really become a “fireball”.

Now it’s October. Compared with previous years, the temperature of this year’s National Day holiday is indeed on the low side. So some people think that this may be a good sign that global warming has been controlled by us, but is it really the case? Scientists have been monitoring the change of the earth’s temperature. Although various countries have formulated policies to control greenhouse gas emissions, there are always all kinds of difficulties in implementing them. Therefore, until now, the situation of global warming still has no particularly ideal effect.

Why is the temperature lower?

Scientists believe that the current low temperature is not the result of global warming, but a normal weather phenomenon, called the global warm interval. The reason for this may be related to the heat content in the ocean, which is the reason for the false stagnation of global warming.

What will happen to the earth in 2050?

According to the climate situation over the years, scientists have done model experiments. According to the results, they believe that the earth’s environment may reach a critical point by 2050. At that time, the climate will be irreversible and human civilization will be seriously threatened. If it cannot be controlled, then human civilization may come to an end.

After seeing the warning from scientists, many people still don’t like it. They think that the earth’s environment in the future is too far away from the present. We just need to enjoy the present and let our future generations solve the environmental problems. This idea is very selfish. If we don’t restrict our behavior and protect the environment from now on, maybe the critical point of climate will come ahead of time It’s no use trying to make up for it sometime. What do you think of scientists’ theories?

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