“Super earth” active appearance, the size of 14 earth, or already born life!

Since childhood, we have been taught that the earth is the only home of mankind, and we have a sense of awe towards the earth. It provides rich resources and mild environment, breeds all things in the world, it is more like our protective cover, we have been living under its protection. Since human beings became the master of the earth, they began to wantonly pursue the economic effect, regardless of the feelings of the earth, excessively damaged the environment, global warming, marine pollution and other problems are increasing, resources are exhausted, and the earth’s environment is getting worse and worse.


In this situation, scientists have no choice but to look for other stars suitable for migration, at least when the earth is no longer suitable for human habitation and human beings have another habitat. Fortunately, years of efforts have not been in vain. Not long ago, great good news came that scientists have discovered a super earth whose environment is even milder than the earth. It is Kepler 22b. Scientists observed the planet day and night, and finally found its characteristics. Its volume is almost 14 earths, and it is located in the habitable zone of the star. “Super earth” active appearance, the size of 14 earth, or already born life!

What Kepler 22b has in common with the earth


Not surprisingly, there is a large amount of liquid water atmosphere on Kepler 22b, with a variety of resources. It alternates four seasons of the year, with an average temperature of about 22 degrees Celsius, which is more comfortable than the earth’s climate. How can such an ecological environment not be desirable? However, it is far away from the earth, about 600 light-years. With the existing ability of human beings, it is impossible to fly there directly, unless it can build a spaceship with super speed of light, it can arrive quickly.


In this process, accidents are inevitable, so human beings have been trying their best to explore the planet, looking forward to a deeper understanding of it. With the current level of human science and technology, it will take at least thousands of years to build a special material spaceship. But the discovery of Kepler 22b has provided hope for humanity, at least in another place. Of course, some cautious people think of another problem. Since the environment of Kepler 22b is so prominent, will there be life here long ago?

What scientists are worrying about


With such an excellent environment, the probability of birth of life is too great, and there is no need to wait for human beings to dig. Hawking also said something similar before he died. He reminded human beings not to send signals to outer space frequently. If they are discovered by alien civilization and the earth coordinates are exposed, it may lead to human death. But many people don’t listen and go their own way. Exploring the universe is a huge process. We should also consider the actual situation. Safety is the most important thing.


What we should do now is not to try to immigrate, but to improve the environment of the earth, because there are so many uncertainties on Kepler 22b that it is not as reliable as the earth. Everyone should do his best to protect the earth’s environment within his own ability, so that the earth’s ecosystem can maintain balance. What do you think of the super earth that scientists have found? You can leave a message for interaction.

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