“Super earth” appears, four seasons alternate, water and atmosphere, the key is 14 times larger than the earth!

“Super earth” appears, four seasons alternate, water and atmosphere, the key is 14 times larger than the earth!


The earth’s environment is getting worse and worse. It’s not a matter of two days. Global warming, white pollution and other problems are becoming more and more serious. The north and south poles give people the most intuitive feeling. At the same time, divers find the existence of plastic waste in the depths of the ocean. These problems seem to ring an alarm to mankind. The earth is being violated, and one day, the earth will become unbearable.


In such a large universe, the earth is the only planet known to have life. It breeds tens of thousands of lives and provides precious resources, which are not available in other planets. After searching for such a long time, scientists have not found a star more suitable for living than the sun. From lunar exploration to Mars, no trace of life has been found, which makes many people wonder whether the earth is really the only home? “Super earth” appears, four seasons alternate, water and atmosphere, the key is 14 times larger than the earth!


Scientists discover a super earth


Thanks to all the efforts, scientists have found a super earth in the universe. After a long time of investigation, it is preliminarily determined that its volume is equal to the size of 14 earths. It has water and atmosphere all the year round, even more comfortable than the environment on earth. What planet is it? It’s not easy to find such a comfortable planet. It’s Kepler 22b. When scientists first discovered it, they didn’t pay attention to it, instead, they ignored it. Looking at the star carefully, they found that it was not right.


It is not only rich in internal resources, but also has a high temperature similar to that of the earth, which is the most suitable for human survival. The annual temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius. If human beings live in such an environment, they will not be too happy. If we want to reach this planet, we are still 600 light-years away from it. Unless we build a super light speed spaceship, it will be difficult to reach Kepler 22b.


Problems facing mankind at present


Because of its excellent environment, people can’t help worrying about the existence of life. After all, there are not many planets like Kepler 22b in the universe. It has all the conditions of the earth and provides the basis for the birth of life. If there are other living things already, and human beings go there rashly, they may be destroyed. How can human power compete with them? Hawking once suggested that human beings should search for the second earth as soon as possible. At present, with the efforts of experts, they have finally found out that there are many limitations for human beings to solve.


Not only migration is a big problem, but also the determination of the existence of extraterrestrial life. Some people firmly believe that when the level of human science and technology reaches the peak, these problems can be solved instantly one day in the future. Before human beings can’t immigrate, what human beings should do is how to solve the earth’s environmental crisis, which has reached the point of no delay. Only by solving the root causes can the earth’s life span be delayed, otherwise human beings will have no good end. What do you think of the super earth scientists have found? You can leave a message for interaction.

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