“Super earth” appears, the environment is highly similar to the earth, scientists think it is not simple!

“Super earth” appears, the environment is highly similar to the earth, scientists think it is not simple!


Before the birth of human beings, there were many great changes on the earth, and there were five mass extinctions. It was very sad that many ancient creatures disappeared, and there was no trace. After a long period of evolution, the ancient ape has finally shed its thick hair, has a unique brain, and has the ability to walk upright, creating a brilliant civilization. It is not easy to develop until now. In modern times, with the improvement of science and technology, human beings have more opportunities to understand history, explore outer space, oceans and so on.


The biggest difference between humans and animals lies in the brain, which has the ability to think independently. At the same time, a problem gradually comes to mind. Is the earth the only star with life in the universe? Is human really so lonely? Over the years, scientists have never given up the search for the second earth. They have always believed that the earth is not the only star with life. “Super earth” appears, the environment is highly similar to the earth, scientists think it is not simple!


Scientists have found stars 1.3 times the mass of the earth


The universe is vast. There are many stars that human beings have not set foot on. Perhaps among these stars, many are highly similar to the environment of the earth, which is very suitable for human migration. Urged by this hope, scientists are constantly searching for it. So far, scientists have found more than 4000 exoplanets, 49 of which are extremely similar to the environment of the earth, and are likely to have liquid water.


Among many stars, scientists have found a nearest neighbor galaxy to the solar system. It is neighbor star B, whose mass is 1.3 times larger than that of the earth. It is located in the habitable zone of the star system. Like the earth, it has a unique position in the sky, but its environment is quite different. It is understood that the radiation of Bilin star B exceeds the standard, which is 400 times more than that of the earth. If humans go rashly, they may be injured by these radiation. Unless Superman here has the ability to repair DNA, it will not be able to resist such powerful radiation.


Super earth has finally been discovered


According to the understanding of scientists, there is a second planet around it, which is Bilin star C. according to the relevant clues, Bilin star C is very similar to the earth in all aspects, the surface temperature is also very low, and the probability of life is quite high. However, scientists are worried that it may not be a good thing. After all, this kind of star is widespread in the universe, in other words, human beings are not It’s not a lonely individual in the universe.


If there is an alien civilization, there will only be two outcomes. One is that before human beings have discovered the alien civilization, they have already started to attack human beings. The other is that the universe is equivalent to a big filter. Its standard is to be able to carry out interstellar travel. When a civilization starts interstellar travel, it may be directly filtered out. There are many ways to filter out, such as asteroid impact Cosmic ray bursts and so on, there are many hidden dangers. Scientists are both worried and looking forward to the search for a second earth. What they are worried about is that these alien civilizations may pose a threat to human beings. What they are looking forward to is that human beings can migrate to it. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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