“Super earth” finally appeared, bigger than 14 earth, spring all year round!

“Super earth” finally appeared, bigger than 14 earth, spring all year round!


Human beings have a history of millions of years on the earth, and they have propagated here. Today’s population has reached 7.5 billion. With the rapid increase of population, the demand for resources has expanded rapidly, leading to the gradual depletion of resources on the earth. Even many rich resources have been dried up, which makes people think of what Hawking said in his lifetime. He thinks that human beings should take a long-term view and strive to find a second home in outer space When the earth is no longer suitable for human habitation, human beings have at least one habitat.


Over the years, scientists have never given up looking for another place suitable for human habitation. With the joint efforts of all of us, a super earth has finally been discovered. It is understood that its volume is equivalent to 14 earths, and its internal environment is excellent, even more comfortable than the earth. What kind of planet is it? “Super earth” finally appeared, bigger than 14 earth, spring all year round!


What is super earth?


Scientists have never stopped searching for earth like planets. During continuous research, they found the most special star, Kepler 22b. According to relevant data, it is like a super earth. It not only has huge volume, but also has any resources, and the climate is more suitable. It is said that its annual temperature is maintained at about 22 degrees, if human beings are lucky enough to live there Living here will make life more comfortable. Not only that, its time of one year is much longer than that of the earth, and it has many similarities with the earth.


At present, the most important problem is distance. Through careful consideration, scientists found that it is 600 light-years away from the earth. 600 light-years is not as simple as saying. It is a huge challenge for human beings. It is necessary to develop a faster spacecraft to reach the planet. At present, there is a very high degree of difficulty coefficient. If human beings really have the chance to migrate to this earth, maybe they can develop a new world on Kepler 22b planet. However, scientists also worry that since the planet’s environment is so superior, is it possible that life has existed for a long time?


Is Kepler 22b suitable for migration?


Human beings have lived on the earth safely for hundreds of years without being disturbed by other civilizations. It is possible that these civilizations have long found stars better than the earth’s environment. For such a long time, they do not disturb human beings and compete with human beings for resources. Instead, they have enough resources and do not need to compete with human beings at all. Now scientists find this planet, the possibility of life is quite large, human rashly disturb, it is very likely to cause their dissatisfaction, with human power can not compete with it.


Of course, human beings should not be discouraged. All this is an assumption. With the continuous promotion of science and technology, many problems will be solved after the baptism of time. Maybe it will become a great hope for human beings to live in. Scientists are trying to have a deeper understanding of it and make adequate preparations for the future migration here. Do you think Kepler 22b is a good place to live? You can leave a message for interaction.

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