Super gravity is too strong, leading to alien civilization can not enter the earth, human beings can not find

Man is a great civilization. It took only a few million years to complete the evolution of life, grow into an intelligent civilization, and develop more than 300 years of science and technology. People left the earth and began to explore the universe. When people walk out of the earth and look at the vastness of the universe, they can’t help thinking: if the universe is so big and the earth is so small, is there any intelligent civilization like human beings?

Scientists launched Voyager 1 to search for alien life and civilization, but Voyager 1 did not find any alien life more than 40 years later. People also detect and collect radio signals in the universe to distinguish whether there are signals from alien civilizations.

Unfortunately, after decades of exploration and practice, human beings have not found any foreign civilization. Is there really no alien civilization in space? Scientists believe that there are aliens. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is that human science and technology are still relatively backward. Outside the solar system, we can’t even send explorers to explore the depths of the universe. Another reason is that aliens may be trapped on the planet and have not yet entered space.

As we all know, there are countless planets in the universe. Like the earth, they are the main stars in planetary orbits. Some planets are ten times larger than the earth. This is super earth. Now, scientists have discovered that there are nearly 1000 super earths in the universe. They are all in habitable areas and on land planets like earth. Life is infinite.

According to the law of universal gravitation, the greater the mass of a planet, the greater its gravitation. Its mass is 10 times that of the earth, and its gravitation is nearly 10 times that of the earth. The researchers who maintain the earth’s environment believe that the super earth may be better than the earth. The earth is more suitable for the survival and reproduction of life, and it is more likely that life exists, and it may be earlier than the birth of life on earth.

If there are intelligent creatures on the super earth, these alien civilizations will face a bigger problem than the earth, that is, how to leave the earth and enter space. Super earth surface environment is very good, the climate is warm, the atmosphere is thick, there is no invasion of cosmic radiation, can survive.

But for the super earth of wisdom and civilization, death may be sad. With the rapid development of civilization, intelligent life will understand that their planet is just a grain of dust in the universe, and they want to see the beauty of the universe from the earth. However, due to the great gravity of the planet, it can leave the earth several times faster than the earth.

The flight speed of a manned spacecraft is at least 11.2 km / s. after breaking away from the earth’s gravity, it may take at least 27 km / s to send a manned spacecraft 10 times faster than the earth into space. High speed requires more fuel. To get more energy from existing spacecraft, the fuel required for rocket is a huge number. For example, Apollo light fuel is more than 3000 tons in the United States. But it takes 440000 tons of fuel to launch a super earth rocket. With 44000 tons of fuel consumption, a huge pyramid can be built.

Obviously, this is impossible, so if the super earth intelligent civilization wants to leave the earth, it is impossible to rely on human fuel. This requires more powerful and advanced energy, which requires more time to develop the earth civilization. It took more than 300 years for people to be liberated from the earth, and it will take at least 3000 years for super earth civilization to be liberated. They need to develop stronger energy sources, such as controlled fusion, antimatter and so on.

Although smart super earth civilizations need more time to leave the earth, once they leave the earth and enter space by gravity, they will go into super orbit, and their energy utilization will be more powerful than other alien civilizations. Controlled fusion because of the limited speed of the spacecraft, we can’t leave the solar system.

However, once alien civilizations can survive outside the earth, they will enter space faster than us. Although they are behind the time when human beings leave the earth, their future development is no less than that of human beings.

It may also be one of the reasons why humans can’t find alien civilizations. Because many intelligent extraterrestrial life are trapped in their super earth, it will take thousands or tens of thousands of years to leave the earth. But with the rapid development of human science and technology, when the spacecraft reaches or even exceeds the speed of light, we can leave the sun. Maybe we can find a lot of foreign civilizations.

In the future, if we find a super earth civilization in the universe that has entered space, we must not underestimate it. Although they may have just come out of the earth, they may not be weaker than us, they may even surpass us, at least not weaker in energy. That’s the latter. The world is so huge that any civilization is possible and any life civilization is possible. To understand this, we must develop and work miracles.

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