“Super power” cat’s eye teenagers walk freely in the dark, some people jokingly call “cat reincarnation”

There is a second grade pupil in Guangxi. He is a very special child. What makes him special is that he has a pair of magical eyes – his pupils are blue, and he can emit blue-green light under the light or sunlight. And he naturally has a magical ability. No matter where he is, no matter how dark, he can read normally Writing is as like as two peas in the day. So the villagers have always said that he has a pair of cat’s eyes. After all, from the aspect of appearance ability, they are all the same as cat’s eyes. So what’s the matter?

The reason why a child’s eyes are different is that one night he went out to play with his classmates and catch crickets. Everyone was carrying flashlights, and he was the only one walking through the dark without any pressure. Moreover, his father also found that the child usually likes to go to dark corners or places with dim lights because he can see things more clearly. If doing morning exercises between classes, he will encounter a very strong light, his eyes will narrow into a line. So to sum up, is this the legendary child with super power?


People in the village began to talk about it, and a very superstitious and ridiculous saying, this child should be a cat to reincarnate, so it has such a pair of eyes.

The child’s story was widely reported by the local media, so the medical experts came after the news. First, they tested him. In the evening, they used several banknotes of different colors, and asked the children to stand in the distance to check the color of the banknotes. The children accurately took the money from people’s hands and said the color of the banknotes. A professor from the school of animal medicine, China Agricultural University introduced this phenomenon. In fact, cats can see objects clearly because of their strong visual ability, while humans can only see things in weak light, mainly because of the different development of rod cells.

So is a child’s eyes really a pair of cat’s eyes? In fact, it is not – he can’t see the words on the paper when there is no light at all, but only when there is very weak light. In addition, the child’s night adaptation ability is particularly strong, far beyond the average level. When the machine was used for analysis, it was found that the iris of the child’s eyeball lacked pigment cells, so the pupil looked blue. After taking fundus photos, experts agreed that he was suffering from a congenital eye albinism.


Albinism in the eyes means less pigment cells. It is because of this disease that he is more used to seeing things in dim light, so he can move more freely in the dark. It’s hard for him to adapt to strong light or normal light. Therefore, the final diagnosis is a congenital genetic disease. Like death, there has never been an effective medical treatment for this disease. We can only wear light proof glasses all the time.

However, it is gratifying that this is a disease, but it has never affected his normal development. There are many uncertain diseases in the world. We should look at things from a scientific point of view.


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