Super strong earthquake coming in Japan? Scientist: the accuracy rate is more than 80%

As we all know, on the earth where we live, although we may not touch it in our normal life, there are still natural disasters happening on the earth all the time. Among the natural disasters, the most frequent and sensational one is earthquake. In recent years, China has also suffered from earthquake disasters. In particular, several earthquakes occurred in Yunnan and Taiwan this year, which made people thousands of miles away worry and pray. The power of nature is irresistible, and earthquakes are something almost every country will experience, among which Japan may be one of the countries with the most earthquakes.

Japan is located in the Pacific seismic belt, but also at the intersection of the four plates, so frequent earthquakes occur in Japan, because it is one of the world’s top areas with strong earthquake fluctuations. Recently, Japanese scientists said that the submarine plate of Japan’s trough has changed. In recent years, it has seriously declined by more than 50 meters, and it is not a slow slide. It may cause a super strong earthquake in history.

Because Japan is located in the Pacific Rim seismic belt, it is an earthquake prone country. There are almost thousands of large or small earthquakes in Japan every year. According to statistics, there are about five earthquakes of magnitude 3 or above in Japan every day, and earthquakes of magnitude 6 or above also occur frequently. A scientist from the United States mentioned that the main reason is that there have been many large and small earthquakes in Japan in recent years. The 50 meter decline of the submarine plate in its trough is the result of previous earthquakes and aftershocks, and the deterioration caused by the earthquake has also been confirmed. Although it will not cause an earthquake or tsunami for the time being. However, the decline of Japan’s undersea plate continues. Although it will not cause an earthquake in the short term, the precursor of super strong earthquake is very obvious, or it may bring a big earthquake.

It is recognized by the scientific community that fault trench is an important factor causing “super strong earthquake”. For example, Alaska fault and Japan Trench fault are areas that may cause large earthquakes, and they are also listed as dangerous areas. Small earthquakes in Alaska are relatively active, and abnormal phenomena in Japan are also very common. In recent years, Japan’s level of earthquake research has been rising, with a relatively large improvement. Its prediction of earthquakes caused by the trough has been very accurate, and the accuracy rate has been increased to more than 80%!

Although the earth is in constant motion and natural disasters such as earthquakes can not be avoided, what we should pay most attention to now is the ecological environment of nature, because it is related to the future of the earth and also the responsibility of each of us.

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