Superluminal speed can make people go back to the past, but it can’t change everything in the past

Friends who like to watch science fiction movies or online novels may have a dream: if only they could go back to the past through time and space. Go back to the past with modern memory, and you will rise immediately, stand at the peak of your life and marry Bai Fumei. Think about all feel good, there are still some regret left to make up.

Maybe many people think that it’s just science fiction. As a psychological chicken soup, fantasy is OK. How can it happen in real life? Is it really impossible to go back to the past through time and space? Einstein’s theory of relativity tells us that it is possible to go back to the past.

Time is a relative concept rather than an absolute value. The time experienced by an object is closely related to its motion speed and mass. As long as the mass of an object is light enough and its motion speed can reach or exceed the speed of light, then it may return to the past.

Can we go back to the past when we reach or even surpass the speed of light? It’s nice to think about it, but the truth may be hard to come true. With the continuous progress of human science and technology, it is possible to reach the speed of light in the future. Otherwise, how do those alien civilizations in the universe conduct interstellar navigation? At least it takes the speed of light. The speed of light in the universe can only be regarded as relatively fast. In this way, you can’t think of distant galaxies. Some planets want to reach, but they can’t do without superluminal speed.

This shows that it is possible to realize the speed of light or even surpass it. But if the speed is reached, can you go back to the past? It is estimated that it is unlikely that even if human beings develop aircraft that can reach the speed of light in the future, people will be under great pressure. Can people’s bodies follow them? Will it be torn up in an instant?

At the same time, scientists also tell us that even if we racked our brains and tried every means to successfully return to the past, we still can’t change the historical track of past events, we can only watch things happen before our eyes, and still can’t do anything.

Even if you can successfully go back to the past, what you experienced in the past has been recorded by time and space, and your arrival does not change the established facts of the past. On your way to change the past, there will be some accidents to correct your arrival.

Crossing time and space may not be a dream in the future, but if we go back to the past to change history, it will trigger a series of butterfly effects and bring devastating disasters to the real world. Even if scientists do develop a time machine in the future, it can easily go back to the past, but it is impossible to use it publicly to the public. Otherwise, it will not be a mess. It may become a kind of strategic equipment, and it will only be used when necessary.

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