Suspected dinosaur body found in India. Note, it’s a corpse, not a fossil

Have you ever seen a dinosaur?

We all know that dinosaurs exist, but they only exist in movies, TV dramas and museums, leaving only one skeleton, and even some of them have not left the whole skeleton, only a few fossils. After all, dinosaurs lived in the Cretaceous and Jurassic period hundreds of millions of years ago, and almost all of them died out in an unknown disaster. Recently, such a dinosaur body was found in the North akhind state, which borders India and China’s Tibet. Yes, I’m talking about dinosaur bodies, not dinosaur fossils.

The body of this “dinosaur” can be seen clearly. The short two forelimbs and the strong two hind limbs are the characteristics of theropod dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago, and the long tail is used to keep balance. If it is not a dinosaur, what kind of animals are similar to it today?

The body of the suspected dinosaur has been sent to relevant institutions for research and identification. It was first discovered by electricians at a power distribution station that has been abandoned for 35 years. “None of us can say what kind of species it is until the results come out,” said Dr. Aryan Kumar.

In fact, most of the dinosaurs in our mind are powerful and tall, but this “dinosaur” is only 28 cm, a little “mini”. Although many people speculate that it may be a descendant of dinosaurs, scientists seem to prefer that it is a mutated goat fetus. But we are looking forward to the outcome.

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