Suspected human bone on Mars? There is no synthetic trace in the photos. Is there life on Mars?

Since mankind entered the era of science and technology, we have been looking for extraterrestrial life. Many people think that the universe is so vast, alien life must exist, but even if we make so many efforts, we still don’t see their true appearance. Due to the limitation of science and technology, we still have not gone out of the solar system to find other planets. So it’s still a long way to go to determine alien life.

The environment of Mars

Today, the aerospace industry of various countries is booming, and human beings have launched several probes into the universe. In recent decades, many countries have tried to launch probes to Mars. If the secrets of Mars can be solved, then mankind may be able to find a second planet suitable for survival. Now we have a more comprehensive understanding of Mars, the surface of Mars is very desolate, large and small rocks, distributed on the surface of Mars. Whether there is life on Mars has always been a controversial topic. Through the efforts of scientists, it is found that liquid water and organic matter are suspected to exist on Mars. All kinds of signs show that Mars was similar to the earth’s environment in the distant past.

However, in the process of the expansion of the universe, the Martian environment has also undergone earth shaking changes, from a livable planet to a land of no owners. Even if its environment is so bad, human beings have not given up on its exploration. It can be said that human beings can understand Mars without the exploration of Mars rover curiosity. It successfully landed on the surface of Mars in 2012 and sent us a lot of Mars photos in eight years.

Human bones on Mars

Some time ago, a picture of Mars circulated on the Internet. The reason why this picture has aroused heated discussion among netizens is that human bones appear in the dense rocks. Until now, we have not found any trace of life on Mars, so is this human bone real or visual deviation caused by shooting angle?

NASA scientists also analyzed the photo. They believed that there was no synthetic trace in the photo, and the characters in the photo were real, but it was not left by life, but a natural product formed by long-term wind erosion. There are not a few photos of Mars with suspected life, which can cause a huge discussion every time. It also shows the yearning and longing of human beings for extraterrestrial life.

Now China’s tianwen-1 has begun its journey to explore Mars. More than two months later, it will certainly lead us to know Mars again with the hope of mankind. Do you think there is life on Mars?

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