Taisui has not been so magical for a long time. I have already seen the light, and I don’t know that you are too ignorant

Meat Ganoderma lucidum, also known as Taisui, once appeared in the online drama soul ferry. It has the effect of immortality after eating, and can live from ancient times to the present. It’s even said that the elixir Qin Shihuang had been looking for was Taisui. So what is Taisui? Is it really effective?

In ancient times, “Taisui” was the name of a star, Jupiter. It takes about 12 years for Jupiter to circle the sun. In ancient China, there were 12 divisions of the sun, which happened to pass once a year. The 12 zodiac signs also changed with the rotation of Taisui.


If Taisui star appears in a certain place in a certain year, the place can’t move earth, which comes from the theory of “Muke earth” in the five elements. If the earth is forced to break on this day, it is said that it will lead to disaster, and “dare to break on the head of Taisui” is also the result. It is said that wherever Taisui star passes, a lump of meat will grow underground, which is what we call meat Ganoderma lucidum and Taisui.

But in fact, Taisui is the fourth life form of non plants, non animals and non fungi in nature. It is a large rare Myxomycete complex. It mainly grows underground and is very rare. Its annual growth rate is only 5%. Although Taisui is not an elixir of immortality, and even has not found a clear medicinal value, it still has a very significant role in anti-tumor, anti-aging and improving human immunity.


In the town hall of Xi’an bianque memorial hall, there are two meat Ganoderma lucidum strains known as “Millennium Taisui”, the treasure of the town hall. If you are interested, you may go to have a look.

In fact, Taisui may be around us, but we have never found it, or even if we find it, we have never known it. Taisui is no longer so mysterious. It is said that the artificial breeding technology of Ganoderma lucidum has been realized now. But if we really meet Taisui in our life, it is said that this kind of non animal, non plant, non fungus living outside the three worlds is still more divine It’s amazing. Have you ever met this magical creature in your life?


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