Take 110 people to Mars to build a Mars base? Is this experiment feasible?

Take 110 people to Mars to build a Mars base? Is this experiment feasible?


Today, the face of the earth has undergone earth shaking changes, global warming, marine pollution and other issues have followed, which reminds many scientists of Hawking’s words. Hawking believes that human beings should take a long-term view and rely on the power of science and technology to quickly find a second world, in order to continue the fire of human civilization. In order to search for the second earth, scientists have made great efforts. From the moon to Mars, according to the returned data, we constantly analyze whether there is any evidence of the birth of life.


Where is Mars


After a long time of observation, many people have focused on Mars, which is located in the habitable zone of the solar system, with a radius only half that of the earth. It is highly expected by human beings. It is the closest to the earth, and its environment is one of the best among the other seven planets. In the past few decades, human beings have maintained a passion for Mars, deeply understand Mars, and improve the possibility of human migration to Mars. According to the current situation, if humans want to move to Mars, they have to build a Mars base first. Take 110 people to Mars to build a Mars base? Is this experiment feasible?


This Mars base is much more complex than expected. If you want to build it successfully, you have to send 110 people to Mars. Obviously, today’s science and technology do not allow, there are great restrictions, then why send 110 people? Can’t you lose one person? This question was raised by Jean Marc salodi. Only with a large population can we build a Martian civilization. These 110 people must master a lot of skills, at least one of them must master one, so that they can survive on Mars.


The environmental gap between Mars and earth


At the same time, these people have to ensure the supply of materials and energy, which is in line with the original form of human civilization. Is this experiment feasible? According to the survey results of scientists, the environment of Mars is very different from that of the earth, and it does not have the conditions for the birth of life. First of all, its atmospheric density is very thin, accounting for only 1% of the earth, and its annual temperature is high. In the atmosphere, there is very little oxygen, mostly carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Obviously, it’s hard for human beings to breathe. Even if they have the chance to go to Mars, it’s still very difficult for them to survive here.


Today, the ability of human beings is also limited, and there are great limitations in exploring earth like planets. Although Mars is a great hope for human migration, there are many uncertainties in it. It is also a difficult task to build a Mars base. We must simulate the situation of the earth, realize self-sufficiency of oxygen, ensure stable atmospheric circulation and water circulation, and so on. If we only rely on spacecraft transportation, it is not realistic at all.


So if you want to move to Mars to build a Mars base, you need to consider all aspects, and the number of people involved is still to be determined. After all, the environment on Mars and the environment on earth do not belong to the same level, and there are many hard conditions on Mars. Even a lot of people have begun to retreat, ready to give up Mars and focus on other planets. Do you think it’s really feasible to build a Mars base on Mars? You can leave a message for interaction.

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