Take stock of China’s top 10 forbidden dishes: boiling loach in warm water, drilling loach tofu, all of which are pediatrics

What China has inherited for thousands of years is not only culture, but also some extremely cruel food. Although there are eight cuisines of Shandong cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine, Jiangsu cuisine, Zhejiang cuisine, Fujian cuisine, Hunan cuisine and Anhui cuisine, it is obvious that they can’t satisfy some picky eaters. Chefs began to study some shocking food, and the results were also included in the forbidden dishes. Of course, compared with it, “loach drilling tofu” is much inferior.


1. Dragon whisker and phoenix claw: Dragon whisker is the whisker of live carp. Fish whisker is the antennae and taste organ of fish. Cutting off fish whisker is equivalent to shortening fish’s hands, feet and tongue; phoenix claw is a piece of meat on the palm of live chicken. The chicken that has been gouged out is a lame.

2. Roast duck palm: drive the live duck on the warm iron plate coated with seasoning, slowly heat the iron plate, the duck will walk back and forth because it is hot, and start to jump, that is, it is almost ripe. When it is ripe, cut it off with a knife, and then you can eat it on the table. Because of the live roast, it tastes delicious. According to the notes of the ancients, another similar practice was created by Zhang Yizhi. Put the goose and duck in an iron cage with sauce. Light a charcoal fire under the cage. The goose and duck run inside because of the heat and mix with the sauce. At last, when their feathers fade, they take them out to eat. The meat is delicious and has its own flavor.


3. Crispy goose intestines: select a live fat goose, use a knife to draw a circle in the anus of the goose, and then extend your finger into the anus, pull out the fresh goose intestines. After the chef’s later processing, goose intestines are a delicacy on the table. Who cares if the goose suffers!


4. Dried chicken: This is a Tibetan dish. The key to the whole dish is one word, quick. The chef must pluck, open, gut, seasoning and sew the chicken very quickly, so as to ensure that the chicken is alive in the whole process. After everything is ready, hang it in a ventilated place. With the wind blowing, the chicken is also “cooing”, just like the wind chime in front of the door, but it sounds scared.

5. Pouring donkey meat: as the saying goes, the dragon meat in the sky, the donkey meat on the ground, many people know the delicious donkey meat. And this dish is to bring the delicious donkey meat to the extreme. The chef will fix the donkey meat, and there will be a pot of boiling hot soup next to it. The donkey skin will be peeled off according to the location selected by the guests, and the tender meat will be exposed. Then the hot soup will be poured one by one until the meat is cooked and gouged out. It is said that the people who eat this dish not only for the donkey meat, but also for the pain expression of the donkey.


6. Drunk shrimp: as the name suggests, drunk shrimp is to drink shrimp and eat them when they are honest. The process is very simple, that is to put the shrimp into the wine to get drunk. It can kill two birds with one stone to eat not only the delicious seafood but also the refreshing wine. However, if the seafood is not treated by high temperature, parasites will enter the human body, which is not friendly to people. At the same time, this dish reminds Xiaobian of South Korea’s eating live octopus, the same raw seafood, the same cruel.


7. Soft shelled turtle: first put the soft shelled turtle in clear water for 3-5 days to clear the intestines, so as to ensure that there will be no excrement when eating. Then fix it with a special tile and a special copper bar, and put it in a special charcoal stove. There is a bowl of secret sauce beside the stove. Slowly heat it up to make the turtle thirsty and drink the sauce. The whole dish requires the turtle to die just after drinking the sauce. Therefore, the chef’s requirements on the cooking are very high. No cook who has been cooking for three or five years dares to cook this dish. The high requirements are mainly to avoid the fire killing the turtle, and the sauce is not finished, so the taste of the turtle is not full.

8. Jiaosanzhi: a dish that sounds curious is actually eating mice. When a mouse is put on a plate, the diner will pick it up with red chopsticks and put the dip in his mouth to chew. In each of the three processes, the mouse will squeak, which is the name of “three squeaks”. At the same time, people who eat this dish also need great courage.


nine Monkey head: put the monkey on a table with a hole in the middle. The size of the hole is just enough to expose the monkey’s head. After fixing the monkey, the chef will use a very fast knife to scratch the head on the table and quickly open the skull. At this time, you can see the monkey’s brain like bean curd. Pour hot oil on the monkey’s brain, add scallion and coriander according to your taste, and stir In the process, heat the oil continuously until the whole brain is cooked, then you can eat it while it is hot. In order to ensure the freshness of the brain, you must eat it before the monkey dies. It is said that it tastes much worse after death.


10. Carbon roast suckling sheep: different from roast suckling pigs, carbon roast suckling sheep is much more cruel. When the whole body of the ewe is scorched by the charcoal fire, the cook will take the ewe out from the belly of the ewe for customers

In addition to the above ten kinds of food, there are also some common food in life, such as sweet and sour carp, loach stewed tofu and so on. What other cruel food do you know? Let’s talk about it

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