Take stock of the 10 possible alien bases on earth, one of which is not far away from us

In today’s developed film and television industry, we have seen all kinds of alien stories, including beautiful, suspense and horror. But you may not know that there may really be alien bases on earth, and there are a lot of them. Let’s take a look at the top 10 possible alien bases on earth.


First: Alien bases on the border between China and India

In the Himalayas on the Sino Indian border, it is said that there is a desolate area for aliens to live in. Nearby residents can often see strange phenomena, and some even say that they have seen flying saucers take off with their own eyes.


Second: District 51 of the United States


The mysterious color of District 51 has not weakened since its birth, but has become more and more intense. Influenced by the U.S. military, that area has always been regarded as a forbidden area. Area 51, as the U.S. Air Force base, often has mysterious aircraft. Therefore, it is believed that aliens must land here and be captured by the U.S. military before establishing a base.

Third: Dorsey base in Mexico


Daoxi base is a border town. Because there are so many mysterious bases here, people think it must be the base of aliens, and they are studying some insidious experiments.


Fourth: the Ural Mountain base in Russia

Influenced by the diatrov incident, people’s speculation about aliens became rampant, because what happened to the people who experienced the incident at that time was really weird. Later, someone even made a movie to commemorate it.


Fifth: perm city base


In this city located in the Ural Mountains, there is an area where inexplicable phenomena often occur. Even UFOs are often seen.

Sixth: Death Valley base in the United States


The death valley desert has long been rumored to have an alien base, though it is now occupied by the military. But local people said they had seen incredible things there, and they also saw people living in the cave at the foot of the mountain.


Seventh: St. Louis Valley base

This is a famous scenic spot that is often said to be able to see UFOs. In addition, there are a lot of strange things. Some people have seen a lot of dark shadows in the farm, and sometimes they can see some incomplete animal bodies.


Eighth: Pine Valley base in Australia


Although Pine Valley is located in Australia, this area is managed by Australia and the United States. Because this place is used as a satellite research base, there are also a lot of local news about UFO, which makes people suspect that this is another alien base without human occupation.

Ninth: Colorado Grand Canyon base


Countless people claim that there is a base left by aliens under the Grand Canyon, and the local aborigines have always claimed that their ancestors lived with aliens. Archaeologists have also found a man-made cave here that can house 50000 people.


The tenth: Russia’s kapskinyar base

This is the Soviet military base for testing weapons and satellites, but a strange thing always happens around. It is said that there is another base under this base, which is used to study aliens and UFOs.

The above are the top 10 Alien bases that may exist on earth. If you have different opinions, please leave a message in the comment area below to talk about the mysterious events related to aliens.

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