Take stock of the five experiments conducted by the 731 army on the Chinese people, including sexual experiments

During the Anti Japanese War, Japanese violence became an indelible pain for us. At that time, there was a cruel army called “731” in Japan, which mainly carried out live experiments on Chinese, Korean, Russian and so on. The way of experiments was appalling. The following is a summary to reveal what bad experiments the Japanese had done


1. Mummy experiment: in order to do experiments with corpses, the Japanese tied people to chairs in a closed, airless basement, tightly tied with ropes, and kept blowing with hot wind to dry the sweat in the experimenter’s body, so that the human body would become a mummy, because the water was evaporated.

2. Atmospheric pressure experiment: the living person is locked in the basement, and the air extraction device is installed to extract the air from the basement. The experimenter has a headache slowly, and his eyes are faint. When the air is pumped to a certain level, the human body’s viscera will explode, and the eye beads will burst out. The experimenter is in pain but can’t make a sound.


3. Cold and hot freezing injury experiment: drop the experimenter in the freezer, then knock the person, and then pour hot water on the body. At this time, the experimenter’s body will change, that is, the separation of bone and flesh, creepy.


4. Baby experiment: hateful Japanese even a few months old baby do not let go, the baby’s blood is drained, when the baby does not have blood, it will shrink to the size of a turtle, inhuman Japanese.

5. Bacteria experiment: inject human body with bacteria in animals. After injection, people will become manic and become like fierce animals. Two strong men can’t hold the experimenter, and finally they will be killed by Wolf dogs.


The 731 army of Japan also conducted many experiments on women, including sex experiments. The scenes were terrible. Because of the scale, I will not list them one by one here.


Maybe many people don’t know that they have done these experiments with Chinese people. For the sake of experimental results, the Japanese do not hesitate to do experiments with Chinese living people. I am proud to be a strong Chinese, because I know that today’s life is not easy, young strong is strong!

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