Take stock of the four benefits brought by typhoon. You must have expected the third one!

When it comes to typhoons, people’s first impression is always the huge destructive power. Everywhere they pass, they are in chaos. In addition to the deliberate exaggeration of some films, typhoon is even more terrifying in people’s hearts. But everything has two characteristics. Is typhoon not good at all? The answer, of course, is No. typhoons have four advantages. Let’s introduce them to you.


First, it can balance the temperature of the earth

It plays an important role in balancing ecology. Typhoons help carry the earth’s heat. Typhoon will promote the earth’s atmospheric movement, so that the earth’s heat can maintain a balance, so that people live more comfortable. The exchange of atmospheric energy between high and low latitudes also needs the help of typhoon. Without the help of typhoon, tropical areas will become hotter and cold areas will become colder, which will cause serious ecological damage.


Second: bring precipitation


Many people should know this, because typhoons are usually accompanied by rainstorms. According to experts’ statistics, a qualified typhoon brings nearly 20 billion tons of rain in one day, which is an amazing number. Research shows that if there is no typhoon, China’s coastal areas, Taiwan Province, Japan, Southeast Asia and other regions will reduce precipitation by nearly a quarter, which will cause serious drought and pose a big challenge to ecology and water supply.

The third point: heat dissipation


This is obvious. The strong wind and the heavy rain will cool down, but it will bring a little coolness to the hot summer. How many people silently look forward to the typhoon in the hot days?


Fourth point: it is helpful for fishing

Although the typhoon will bring great harm to fishermen friends, it is not too much to describe it as a disaster, but the typhoon will actually increase the amount of fishing. When a typhoon passes, it will bring nutrients to the bottom of the sea and increase the number of fish.


These are the four benefits brought by typhoons. Looking at these, do you think typhoons are not so bad?

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