Take stock of the island’s nine most unruly designs. Children should be careful and be careful to get dirty

We all know that the island is a magical place. The island is famous for its Mount Fuji, cherry blossom, sushi and toilet. But do you know that the designers of the island are all invited by monkeys? Today, let’s take a look at the products designed by these unruly designers in island countries!

1. My boyfriend’s milk tea


What can I say about this milk tea Xiaobian? In fact, the pure Xiaobian had drunk it. I can’t remember the taste. I just remember that Xiaobian resisted when the waiter brought it. This bottle is made of transparent plastic. After filling it with milk tea, it turns into skin color. You can see the muscle of “boyfriend”, mermaid line and strong upper body. After freezing, water drops will appear on the surface of the bottle at room temperature. It’s really like the appearance of my boyfriend sweating after health! It’s just that I can’t talk.

2. Tiaohai Necklace

Is this diving Necklace even more invisible than my boyfriend’s milk tea! Where are you going to jump? It’s rough? Guess how many otaku like this. This necklace is designed not only for divers, but also for parachutists and small animals. I guess how many men like it.


3. Beautiful girl skirt calendar and post it notes

The existence of the calendar makes it convenient for many people to look at the time and check the date, but the islanders are doing things again. They even designed the calendar as a girl’s skirt. If you look at it in January, it will end at the end of the year, but only men will like it.


In addition to the calendar, the islanders also set up post it notes, which are the same as the calendar! How about tearing a skirt when you write a page? This brain hole of islanders is also very strange~~

4. Only men like umbrellas

Why only men like it? After seeing the pictures, you should be clear. So Creative design under the umbrella, two yuan otaku should be out of stock, should have this umbrella will look forward to rainy days every day, right~


5. Star bottoms

This kind of Leggings should be worn by girls! The universe is vast, the galaxies rise and fall, all of them are worn on the body. From then on, no matter how short the skirt is, no matter how strong the wind is.


6. Leg pillow

Keke ~ ~ this pillow is another favorite for men! It’s also a pillow. In addition to the normal function of the pillow, it can also satisfy the eyes. This island people’s hobby is really special~~

7. Drop Earrings


What’s wrong with the men and women of this island? What’s the design? But the woman who dare to take this earring to the street is also very brave!

Are all the designs of the islanders invited by monkeys? Isn’t it fun to design the toilet??


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