“Tathagata palm” appeared in Inner Mongolia. Scientists suspect that it was not done by human beings. Who left it?

In some parts of the earth, there are still many unsolved mysteries on the stage. For example, we often say the phenomenon of crop circles. Scientists have studied them for centuries, but they still haven’t solved their true faces. Until now, some people still think that the crop circles were left by aliens. In fact, in addition to foreign countries, there was a huge pattern in Inner Mongolia of our country. This pattern is like a Tathagata palm, which is particularly dazzling in the yellow sand. So who left this huge palm?


Palm seal in Inner Mongolia


This huge pattern was captured by China’s satellite, and the palm also looks different in the satellite image. After scientists came to Inner Mongolia for field measurement, they found that this huge palm does not seem to be made by human beings. If it is really made by human beings, it will take a long time at least. Is this palm the mark left by aliens Do you want to go there?


After seeing this huge palm, many people think of the crop circle. Although the crop circle is centuries ago, there is still no accurate answer, many scientists think that the crop circle is made by human beings, but this huge palm seems to have no traces of human manufacturing. Is this caused by climate change or alien creatures What’s left?


It has been several years since this event happened. At that time, it also caused a great influence on the Internet. While everyone was talking about it, some insiders came to disclose that this huge palm has nothing to do with aliens and natural changes. In fact, it is an art made by human beings. Artists can use plants or huge stones to lay out any pattern they want on the ground. It claims that the biggest palm is made by an artist himself.


Who left the palm print?


This huge palm area is worth six football fields. If people go to this area carefully, they will find that in addition to this big palm, there are other huge patterns in this area. If you mention it here, you will be able to untie it. Some people think that this huge pattern may be for foreign trade tourists. If you are not obedient, you will be slapped. Of course, this is also the joke of netizens. This artwork also represents the culture and innovation of Inner Mongolia.


In fact, this kind of art form appeared as early as 1960. At that time, it was popular in the United States. Later, it gradually spread to all countries in the world. Therefore, this kind of art form in China is not very popular. When people see this huge pattern, they will first associate it with aliens. It’s understandable. I don’t know if you have seen it What about the giant palm print?

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