Teach you 7 ways to see the character of others through the font, which will be useful for your whole life

When it comes to psychology, I believe many people understand it more or less. From psychology, we can analyze a person’s characteristics from an action, expression or tone. Of course, a person’s personality is not only reflected in the external. There is a Chinese saying that seeing words is like seeing people. From this sentence, we can see a person’s visual impact on the font. I believe many people have similar experience: a good-looking person often gives a very good impression, if the word is difficult to read, writing a love letter will fail. Now let’s talk about font and character.


1. Weight of writing: people who write heavily show strong vitality, self-confidence, bossy, stubborn and a little self-confidence; while people who write lightly show poor initiative, lack of courage and resistance. From this aspect, we can also see that people who write heavily are more powerful.

2. Writing style of strokes: in life, as long as we pay close attention, we will find that many people who write every stroke do things in a consistent way, while the exaggeration and extension of writing reflects one’s vanity and desire to attract others’ attention at any time.


3. Font size: people who write big characters are better at expressing themselves and have stronger emotions, while small characters reflect a person’s delicacy, concentration and self anxiety.


4. Level of continuous writing: some people can write even, most of them can’t understand what they are writing, but we can infer from the level of continuous writing that a person has strong reasoning ability, judgment, perseverance, analytical ability and independence. Compared with the font without continuous writing, people with continuous writing have more reasoning ability, judgment and perseverance.

5. Writing speed: people who write fast respond faster, and have stronger observation ability and generalization ability, while people who write slowly are more cautious and disciplined to some extent, but they think slowly.


6. Word line direction: the line direction of writing is divided into lower and higher. The more people write, the lower they are, the less confident they are, the more emotional they are, and the more psychological conflicts they have. On the one hand, they have low self-esteem, and on the other hand, they despise others. On the other hand, the more people write, the more natural their habits will become. Once they develop bad habits, they will be very difficult to get rid of. They are negligent, casual and sometimes careless.


7. The layout of the whole article: divided into frame and zigzag. Frame type people tend to give artistic temperament, tend to be unique, pay attention to appearance, often ignore the internal content, have a sense of humor, have a strong desire to express, are social success. Zigzag: most people are ambitious, not easy to satisfy, also known as wolf cubs.

Of course, we can’t just judge a person according to a word, but a person’s font is also our understanding of a person’s direction. We can’t rule out that some people in life will deliberately hide themselves. But in junior high school children did not notice this problem, so when you receive a love letter, you might as well take a good look at the font, combined with the actual life analysis of whether this person is worth using your youth to fall in love with him.

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