Ten thousand sheep have solved a “world problem” of photovoltaic construction. What’s the matter?

Since mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development, the demand for energy is also growing. The use of a large number of chemical energy will lead to a large number of greenhouse gas emissions, making the global greenhouse effect more and more serious, and the global temperature is also rising.

I believe many friends know that this year is the year of El Nino, which means that this year’s climate will be more unpredictable. I believe many friends have already felt the capricious climate in recent years. The main reason for the El Nino phenomenon is the rising global temperature, and the root of this is the use of chemical energy emissions of carbon dioxide.

A large number of greenhouse gas emissions, to the earth’s ecological environment has brought serious damage, therefore, in recent years, countries around the world began to promote green environmental protection, want to achieve green environmental protection, we need to use clean energy to replace the traditional chemical energy. For clean energy, scientists have found natural gas, combustible ice and so on.


Of course, whether it is natural gas or combustible ice, they are also completely clean energy. Their combustion will still produce greenhouse gases, such as combustible ice. Its combustion products are oxygen and water. Although there are no other toxic gases, its large-scale use will still release a lot of carbon dioxide, which will also aggravate the greenhouse effect.

Only the real use of natural energy can be regarded as clean energy, such as wind power generation, water power generation, solar power generation, etc. Among them, the use of solar energy is one of the most popular energy. In recent years, some large-scale photovoltaic power stations have been built all over the world. Taratan area in western Qinghai Province also has very rich solar energy resources.

Because this area is basically in the desert area, there is no other use, so China has built a large solar power station here, covering an area of about 54 square kilometers, which is the largest photovoltaic power station in the world. Although the construction of photovoltaic power station is much easier than other types of power station, there are still some problems, one of which has become a world problem, making photovoltaic power station miserable.


The world problem that plagues photovoltaic power stations is not a technical problem, but an ecological and natural problem. What’s the matter? Take the photovoltaic power station in Talatan area of Qinghai Province in Western China as an example. It used to be a desert with few plants. However, since the construction of a large number of solar panels, due to the absorption of solar energy, the area has become an oasis, with weeds growing everywhere.

Some people may say that if there are weeds, what are you afraid of? Just build the photovoltaic frame higher and stay away from the weeds. But the fact is not so simple. If the photovoltaic panel area is covered with weeds, it will be a huge threat to the whole photovoltaic area. When weeds cover the photovoltaic industry area, it will not only reduce the power generation, but also in spring and winter, dry weeds and overheated power generation board contact, which may cause fire, causing a huge threat.

In order to solve these weeds, the park has to spend 1.8 million yuan on weeding every year. Some people may say that killing herbs is not enough. In fact, killing herbs has little effect on these weeds. To clean up these weeds, we can only take manual weeding, which is slow and consumes a lot. The larger the area is, the more difficult it is to deal with. This problem is not only a problem for China’s photovoltaic power plants, but also a problem for the world’s photovoltaic industry.


Photovoltaic power stations in other countries in the world will also face the threat of weeds, which also need to spend a lot of material and human resources to weed. But this is such a world problem, but one day it was solved by tens of thousands of sheep. What’s the matter? It turned out that one day, a herdsman herded sheep, and his thousands of sheep accidentally broke into this photovoltaic industrial zone.

It was thought that these sheep would cause chaos and damage the photovoltaic panels, but the staff were surprised. These sheep shuttle between PV panels in an orderly way, and then eat the weeds on the ground. I believe all my friends who have raised sheep know that sheep do not only eat grass on the ground, but also eat grass roots together. It can be said that sheep pass by without any grass.

When the thousands of sheep came out, the staff found that the weeds in the gap area of the photovoltaic industry area where the sheep passed disappeared, which was a major discovery. The managers of the industrial zone suddenly realized, why don’t we raise more sheep and let them eat up the weeds? As a result, the photovoltaic industry zone began to raise tens of thousands of sheep. Just raise the photovoltaic panel seat a little, or ensure that the sheep are not frightened, then the photovoltaic panels will be safe.


In this way, the global problems that plagued the photovoltaic industry were solved. Moreover, the 10000 sheep can generate income for the photovoltaic park. At the same time, the sheep’s excrement moistens the land. This originally desert area is now very suitable for the growth of crops. Therefore, the managers planted medicinal materials under these photovoltaic panels, which not only increased the income of the whole industrial park, but also solved the problem of excessive occupation of photovoltaic panels.

It can be seen that sometimes a lot of problems that are difficult to solve often come to light inadvertently. Newton sat under a tree and saw an apple fall to the ground. He began to think about why the apple fell to the ground, so he had the law of universal gravitation. Ten thousand sheep have solved a worldwide problem, which may surprise many experts in photovoltaic industry.

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