Tens of thousands of crows appear in Canada, the sky is covered black, is it a bad omen?

Is it a bad omen that tens of thousands of crows appear in Canada and disperse after hovering for 14 hours?


In many horror films and TV plays, crow is the most common animal. There is a saying that crow is a sign of bad luck. Seeing it means today’s disappointments, so in the movie, the appearance of crows is a sign of disaster.


In many rural areas, crows are very common. When they appear, they are usually in groups. They stand on the branches and sing, making a very noisy sound, which sounds very upset. Compared with other birds, crows are much larger, and can grow to about 50 cm. In daily life, crows are not popular birds, and most people will not keep them as pets.


Recently, crows appeared in groups over Canada, blocking the sky. The whole process lasted for nearly 14 hours, and the sky was turned black by crows. After the appearance of crows, the local people caused a certain amount of panic. They thought it was a sign of the end of the world. When crows appeared, some people would die. Would there be a big casualty for so many crows? There are various opinions circulating on the local network in Canada, so why do these crows appear above Canada?


Through the pictures, we can see that the number of crows is very large. They are circling in the sky, which makes people suffer from densophobia. In the sky, these crows are constantly squawking, which is very harsh. Canada was supposed to be in the daytime, but it became very dark because of the appearance of crows. This is because there are too many crows.


Experts said that crows generally appear in plain mountain broad-leaved forest and other areas to survive. They are a kind of gregarious animals and like to gather together in groups. Under normal circumstances, thousands of crows appear together. It is obvious that the appearance of crows in Canada is a group activity. Local residents said they had never seen so many crows in Canada. So what are the reasons for these crows? It’s probably caused by climate change, not the end of the world.


Climate change is likely to be caused by the urban heat island effect. Urban heat island effect refers to the heating phenomenon caused by human activities, such as buildings, roads and so on. In these places, the area of green vegetation is relatively small, so the urban heat island effect will appear when the urban high temperature is caused. Because the city has human life all year round and the temperature is very high, these crows enter the city in groups in order to get warm. Crows are flying intensively over Canada.


After 14 hours, the crows dispersed, so how can we prevent the occurrence of similar events? Experts said that the method is very simple, that is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the area of green plants in the local area, and cool the city, so that the crows will not rush into the city when they face the next cold. What do you think of the tens of thousands of crows that appear in the sky over Canada?

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