Tesla predicted in his diary that the solar system was man-made, true or false?

Since the birth of mankind, it has been full of fantasy and yearning for the universe, trying to understand what the world outside the earth is like. With the rapid progress of human science and technology, the dream of flying to the sky has finally come true. Human beings walk out of the earth, see the vast universe, and feel the insignificance of the earth and human beings.

The rapid development of human science and technology and the realization of the dream of flying are inseparable from the efforts of some great scientists, who have made great contributions to the scientific and technological development of human civilization, such as Newton, Einstein, Edison and so on. It is with the research and efforts of these great scientists that human science and technology can make a great leap forward and go out of the earth to explore the universe.

As we all know, scientists have the habit of keeping a diary, recording their usual research and conjecture in the diary. Today, Xiao Bian is going to introduce a great scientist to his friends. He has more than 2000 inventions in his life. He researched and invented alternating current. I believe many people have thought of who it is? He is the great scientist Tesla.


Tesla’s favorite is invention and creation, which is why he has more than 2000 civilizations. Few people know that he also has a very deep study of astronomy. People didn’t know about Tesla’s contribution in the field of astronomy and aviation until it died. This diary records Tesla’s lifelong research and exploration of the universe and space. It was blocked by the US government for research, and Tesla’s diary played an important role in the US Soviet space race.

There are not only theories and methods in this diary, but also a lot of predictions. Many predictions are gradually realized in the future, so we think the credibility of this diary is still very high. However, there is a prediction in the diary that puzzles and puzzles scientists. This prediction is about the solar system in which we live. Tesla predicted in his diary: our solar system is blocked by a protective cover. Is the solar system man-made?

Tesla’s solar system man-made prediction shocked scientists, but also had a lot of confusion. Normally, such a great scientist, even a prediction can not be groundless nonsense, just like many of Einstein’s predictions, which were later confirmed on the basis of science. Many of Tesla’s predictions have been confirmed later, so is the theory of artificial solar system true?

According to Tesla’s prediction, there is a protective cover around the solar system, and the only way to prove this is to go to the edge of the solar system. At that time, people saw Tesla’s prediction about the artificial theory of the solar system. Of course, they didn’t believe it. Later, the United States launched voyager-1, and in order to find the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, it flew out of the solar system.


After several decades of flight, Voyager 1 skimmed Pluto and came to the top of the sun. At this time, Voyager 1 found that there was a protective circle outside the solar system, which was 10 billion kilometers thick. It was very difficult for the spacecraft to break through. If it broke in hard, it might change its orbit, or it might be destroyed.

Is it true that Tesla predicted that there would be a protective circle outside the solar system? Is the solar system really man-made? Scientists have also received information from Voyager 1 that there is a protective circle at the edge of the solar system. What kind of protective circle does it exist? Scientists observe and study the edge of the solar system through astronomical telescopes, and finally come to a possible conclusion that this protective circle may be composed of interstellar material, which contains numerous celestial bodies. This protective circle is what scientists now call the Kuiper belt.

The Kuiper belt is a real existence, and the situation inside is very complicated. Scientists have no idea about its formation. Some scientists say that the Kuiper belt may be at the beginning of the formation of the solar system. The solar wind blows the interstellar matter in the solar system to the edge of the solar system, and the accumulation of the sun and the moon has formed today’s huge Kuiper belt.


The Kuiper belt encircles the solar system. From a distance, it looks like a protective cover protecting the solar system. In order to explore the Kuiper belt, scientists launched new horizons in 2006. Now it has swept Pluto and headed deep into the Kuiper belt. From the photos sent back by new horizons, we can see that there are many white spots like cells on it, and the number is incalculable, In fact, they are celestial bodies. Therefore, there are too many stars in the Kuiper belt to be estimated.

It’s Kuiper that has such a dense number of celestial bodies, so it’s very difficult to pass through this 10 billion km thick area. If you are not careful, you may collide with the celestial bodies inside. This is also the problem that Voyager 1 encountered at the beginning. It’s like a natural shield to protect the safety of the solar system. Let the interstellar materials and celestial bodies outside the solar system can not invade the solar system, and let the solar system have a stable and safe environment. Perhaps it is just like this that the earth can give birth to life and human civilization.

If we don’t observe the Kuiper belt from a close range, it is easy for people to think that it was built by alien civilizations to protect the solar system. Tesla’s conjecture that the solar system is man-made is the reason why we found this Kuiper belt. We think that it is man-made and encircles the solar system. The purpose may be to protect the solar system from being discovered by alien civilizations, or to prohibit the solar system from entering the solar system Our civilization left the solar system.

No matter how complex the interior of the Kuiper belt is and how it was formed, Tesla was able to guess that there was a protective circle at the edge of the solar system without advanced detection equipment at that time. This is a very extraordinary thing. Xiaobian believes that Tesla should not have guessed this at random at that time, which may have some basis. However, we don’t know how he predicted this at that time, and scientists are very confused.


The universe is vast and vast. The solar system is only one of the hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Milky way. If human beings want to explore the mystery of the universe and the truth of the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, they must go out of the solar system. However, it is not easy for human spaceships to fly out of this 20 billion km area safely because of the obstruction of the Kuiper belt. Only when we are familiar with the situation in the Kuiper belt can we dare to cross it in the future, otherwise it will be a very dangerous thing.

However, with the rapid development of human space science and technology, scientists have more and more knowledge of the solar system. Now scientists believe that crossing the Kuiper belt does not mean walking out of the solar system. There is a larger protective circle outside the solar system, that is, the Oort cloud. Its thickness reaches one light year, which is much larger than that of the Kuiper belt. You can’t cross this area without the advantage of speed.

Scientists know less about the Oort nebula, almost nothing about it. I don’t know whether the outer solar shield predicted in Tesla’s diary refers to the Kuiper belt or the Oort nebula. If it is the Oort nebula, we have to admire Tesla. Perhaps his achievements in astronomical research will surpass Einstein’s.


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