that was a close call! In 1994, if Jupiter had not “stepped forward”, the earth would not exist

The earth has existed for about 4.6 billion years, while human beings only existed for a few million years. Before human beings, they experienced several biological changes.

Scientists speculate that there have been at least five mass extinctions, the most recent of which was when dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

The reason why dinosaurs died out 6500 years ago was that the earth was violently hit by a giant comet or asteroid about 6 miles (10 kilometers) wide at more than 40 times the speed of sound, equivalent to 20 kilometers per second.

At that time, after the meteorite hit the earth, its front end had already touched the earth’s surface, but its tail was still at an altitude of 35000 feet, which was very terrible.

Coincidentally, on July 17, 1994, a meteorite much wider than the one that destroyed dinosaurs collided with Jupiter.

In 1993, American astronomers Eugene, Caroline sumek and David Levy discovered the comet at Palomar Observatory in California.

This is the ninth comet they found, so it is named as comet SUMEC levy 9 (SL9 for short). At that time, they knew by computer calculation that the comet was much larger than the meteorite that destroyed dinosaurs.

They predicted that if the comet could travel in a predetermined orbit, it could hit the earth within a year.

The impact is 750 times more powerful than the global stockpile of nuclear weapons. If it hit the earth at that time, the earth would no longer exist.

According to records, more than 20 pieces of the comet hit Jupiter one after another in more than five days from 4:15 on July 17 to 8:12 on July 22.

It’s equivalent to the uninterrupted explosion of 2 billion atomic bombs over Jupiter, releasing about 40 trillion tons of explosive energy.

This is an astronomical spectacle, known as the “comet wood collision”.

What’s more, did you know that this terrible comet was originally aimed at the earth, but it was attracted by Jupiter’s strong gravity. It can be said that Jupiter “sacrificed” itself and “saved” the earth.

Jupiter “stepped forward” to block this “fatal blow” for the earth, which also changed the composition of its surface atmosphere, and left four atmospheric craters with a diameter of tens of thousands of kilometers, which are even bigger than the earth.

I’m afraid to think about it. If it’s not blocked by Jupiter, human beings can’t carry out any effective defense at all.

And Jupiter’s “help” to the earth is not just this event. Throughout the universe, for hundreds of millions of years, Jupiter has been blocking countless asteroids, comets and meteorites for the earth by its huge gravity.

Jupiter, like a brother, has been protecting the earth, allowing the earth to reproduce life and develop to this day.

In addition to Jupiter, the Earth actually has many such “good brothers” in the whole solar system, such as the earth’s atmosphere, ozone layer, magnetic field, moon, etc., all of which make selfless contributions to the protection of the earth’s safety.

Because of this, Xiaobian sometimes thinks, is the existence of the earth special? Was it born to be ruled by the stars?

Otherwise, how could you be so lucky to be able to reproduce so many lives. Moreover, through science and technology, human beings are realizing their dream of entering the universe step by step.

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