The 120 meter “iceboat” appears in the Antarctic continent, the window chimney is clearly visible, the alien car?

There has been a lot of speculation about Antarctica. Many conspiracy theorists believe that Antarctica, as the last ownerless place, has a very bad living environment and may have become the target of aliens. They think the alien research base is in Antarctica. Some time ago, according to foreign media reports, a netizen used Google Earth to discover the mysterious phenomenon in Antarctica.

Antarctic iceboat?

An iceboat, about 120 meters long, appeared on the glacier in Antarctica. The chimney and window of the iceboat can be seen clearly when the picture is enlarged. After the picture was spread to the Internet, it quickly caused a stir. Some people speculated that it might be a huge cruise ship, while others thought it might be a masterpiece of aliens. This phenomenon naturally attracted the attention of the media. The media found this netizen’s social platform and found that he was a fan of supernatural phenomena and a loyal alien fan.

This netizen also expressed his opinion on his own social media. He thinks that the iceboat is overturned on the ice. If you zoom in, you can see the details of the iceboat. He calls himself the watcher of the earth. Although a lot of netizens follow the post below, many netizens don’t buy it. They think that this glacier is likely to be a huge ice floe, but its shape is quite special and it is very similar to a ship.

Who left the iceboat?

Although there are some explorers exploring the South Pole in history, and this ship is likely to be left by the dead explorers, scientists also think that it is just a coincidence after seeing this picture, and it is likely to be a piece of ice floe. When it comes to this, it has come to an end and the truth has been revealed. However, the legend about Antarctica has never stopped. Some people think that the Atlantis civilization appeared in human history is likely to be buried in Antarctica.

It is said that the people of Atlantis have a deep sense of awe for the ocean. They worship the ocean very much. However, ten thousand years ago, Atlantis suddenly disappeared on the earth. Over the years, scientists have been searching for the remains of Atlantis. Some scientists claim to have found a sentence under the mud of Spain, while others claim to have found a pyramid under the sea of Portugal. This underwater pyramid is probably built by Atlantis.

Up to now, there is no final conclusion about the Atlantis site. However, through word of mouth, some people claim that there is Atlantis civilization under Antarctica. Such a statement is too one-sided, and Xiaobian feels that it is neither funny nor sad to see it. There is still a long way to go for mankind to completely solve the secrets of Antarctica. I wonder what legends of Antarctica have you heard?

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