The 24.8 million km / h “bubble boat” will only take 44 years, or help mankind escape from the solar system!

The 24.8 million km / h “bubble boat” will only take 44 years, or help mankind escape from the solar system!

Voyager 1 has made countless contributions to mankind, and it is the farthest probe to fly at present. In a broad sense, the solar system has a radius of about one light year, and it will take Voyager 1 at least 20000 years to escape from the solar system. One light year is a distance that can not be reached for human beings. Therefore, most people generally believe that flying out of the solar system in the future is nonsense and impossible. But we should not be too pessimistic. Scientists have been trying to find new ways of interstellar flight.

Hawking once launched a project called breakthrough Star project. He proposed a new type of nano aircraft, which mainly uses light sails to provide power. This idea is very bold. When it opens its light sail in space, it will continue to accelerate, reaching 20% of the speed of light. Hawking’s idea is very radical, but it has been poured a pot of cold water by the reality. Scientists generally believe that if we want to really realize this plan, we need to solve the problems of materials, lasers, technology and so on. The 24.8 million km / h “bubble boat” will only take 44 years, or help mankind escape from the solar system!

Money needed to build bubble boat

All of these need a lot of financial support, and the cost should reach at least 5 billion US dollars, which is totally unrealistic, so scientists can only find a more feasible way of interstellar flight. Some time ago, in a new research report, someone put forward a new concept, which is bubble boat. This kind of bubble boat doesn’t mean literally. Its speed can reach 24.8 million kilometers per hour. At this speed, it only takes 44 years to fly directly out of the solar system. Does that prove that human beings are expected to escape from the solar system?

Its flight is simple, using a special material, which is carbon based foam, which provides everfount power for the sun by using the light pressure of the sun. Although the solar energy is not high, its resistance in space is almost zero. If the quality of the bubble boat is light enough, it will continue to accelerate under the promotion of sunlight. It needs to be used. An ideal material is called aviation graphite.

What materials are needed to make a bubble boat?

The density of this material is very low, but it is stronger than metal. If it is used as the shell of a bubble boat, the experiment will be more than half successful. In addition, it also has compression and tension load, even if the volume is compressed, when the pressure disappears, it will quickly return to its original state, and it can also absorb all the light, which is very powerful. If human beings can really build this kind of bubble boat, they will be able to fly out of the solar system in less than 50 years and go to more distant areas of the universe.

It should be noted that the larger the bubble layer, the faster the final speed. If mankind can make this kind of bubble boat in the future, then space flight will not be a dream, and mankind will get rid of the shackles of the solar system forever. At present, it is just a concept, and there are still many unsolved problems. With the progress of science and technology, we believe that one day mankind will be able to take a big step out of space. What do you think of this kind of bubble boat in the theoretical sense? You can leave a message for interaction.

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