The 500 meter long “spaceship” appeared in Antarctica. It does not belong to the earth or the alien base

There has always been a controversial topic, that is, do aliens really exist? According to Fermi’s paradox, there are two possible reasons why extraterrestrial creatures have not appeared. First, the aliens have not yet discovered the existence of the earth, or are not interested in the earth at all. Second, there are no alien creatures at all. They are all human fantasies. The earth is the only planet in the universe that can give birth to life.

However, no matter from which point of view to analyze, we can find the loopholes. What’s more, how vast the universe is is still a puzzle for human beings. People have no evidence to firmly believe that the earth is the only planet that gave birth to life. So, if there are aliens, where are they? Have you already visited the earth?

Why do humans have such doubts? Because since the emergence of UFOs on earth, human beings have begun to think about whether there are more advanced civilizations in the universe than human civilization. Therefore, while human beings are developing their own civilization, they are also constantly looking for traces of alien life. Unfortunately, human exploration has not found any sign of the existence of alien civilization.

However, scientists found a mysterious Galaxy 2500 light-years away from the earth, which once again ignited the light of hope for the existence of alien civilization. Because the galaxies discovered by scientists are 80% similar to the solar system, scientists also wonder if there is a planet similar to the earth in that galaxy? Whether life was born there. If you think more deeply, is there a civilization similar to human civilization?

Looking back at our earth, except for some extreme climate areas, almost every corner of the earth is inhabited by human beings. And the South Arctic is recognized as one of the poorest places on earth. The root cause of barrenness is that the temperature there is very low all the year round, and only a few vegetation and animals can survive. Therefore, some people think that the UFOs that have appeared on the earth are likely to fly out from the north and south poles, that is to say, they may be the secret bases of aliens on the earth.

To be honest, the polar region is indeed a very suitable place for aliens to live, because there are almost no human beings living there. Although it’s only speculation, the new findings of scientists have attracted much attention. Some scientists discovered a huge mysterious object under the ice during their scientific research in Antarctica. The object is 500 meters long and looks like an alien spaceship. Scientists originally wanted to enter the unknown mysterious object to find out, but failed to find its entrance.

Because there was no way to detect its internal structure, people focused on why the object appeared in the Antarctic. There are two views on this issue. The first is that aliens have been living in polar regions for some time, otherwise the ship would not have been found under the ice. Maybe there is a secret about aliens in this spaceship, but human beings can’t explore it.

Another view is that the spaceship broke down after the aliens visited the earth, so they were forced to land in the Antarctic and abandon the spaceship. In these two views, Xiaobian thinks that the latter is more convincing. Because any space object needs to pass through the atmosphere after entering the earth, some objects can’t stand the atmosphere and burn, so it’s very likely that they will fail at this time.

So, guys, why do you think this ship is here? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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