The 7-level civilization of the universe can be called God level, subverting human imagination, while human civilization is less than 1 level

What is the universe? Now no one can give a complete explanation, after all, most people have not been to the universe, but we all live in the universe, this is like a pair of lovers in love, obviously close, but can not touch each other, and in this boundless universe, how many secrets are hidden, that is imaginable!

Some people think that human civilization is the only civilization in the universe, but this is only a possibility, the possibility is very small. We should know that it is less than tens of thousands of years since mankind began to create civilization; it is only a few hundred years since science and technology developed; and it is only a few decades since space technology was developed. In contrast, the age of the Milky Way galaxy is between 10 and 15 billion years old. Compared with this, the earth civilization is so short-lived, just like a drop in the ocean.

Originally, the appearance of human beings is the most incredible thing in the solar system. If the universe is only as big as the solar system or the Milky way, human beings will gladly accept miracles. However, the universe is bigger than people’s imagination. Even if the present universe is still expanding, or if there is another universe outside the universe, we don’t know!

Then, it’s not surprising that there are other civilizations in the universe other than human beings. Take the earth where we live as an example, human beings have only existed for a few million years, while the earth has gone through the life of 4.6 billion years. Under the same environment, has no other civilization ever lived on the earth? However, with the continuous improvement of their civilization level, they may eventually leave the earth and live on another planet, just like today’s human beings are looking for earth like planets and alien civilizations!

The visible civilization level is an important standard to measure the degree of civilization. Scientists divide the civilization of the universe into several levels, of which the seventh level is the highest. However, our current civilization level has not reached even one level, and the free time for human beings to fly out of the solar system has just arrived. No wonder many scientists give up the idea of looking for alien civilization. After all, death is not an option Fear, the most fear is self destruction!

Because the first level civilization of the universe is so difficult for human beings to achieve, isn’t it that the higher civilization in the universe is more powerful? Some people say that the creator of the sixth level civilization in the universe can destroy the universe without being controlled by the laws of the universe. So what does the most advanced level 7 civilization in the universe look like? How powerful are the creators of the seventh level civilization?

How powerful is the advanced civilization in the universe? Scientists say that level 7 civilization is not controlled by the universe. Our curiosity about the universe, in their eyes, is just a beautiful scenery. They can go as they like. Level 7 civilization ignores the rules of the universe. Just like human beings, it really becomes the people and things ruled by animals and plants in nature, but their power is definitely much stronger than human beings. So, human beings We still have a long way to go. We must make constant efforts and seek for it from top to bottom!

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