The American astronauts were frightened to find that a “giant eye” appeared on the earth and was staring at space

With the continuous progress of human society, our exploration of the earth and even space has been going on. So far, we have never stopped exploring. And the mystery of the world is not disappointing. No, the United States has found such a mysterious and strange phenomenon. Let’s take a look at it!

In the early 1960s, an American spacecraft was on a mission in space. When the spaceship passed over Africa, the astronauts observed a strange phenomenon in the space hundreds of kilometers away from the earth: a round object appeared on the earth, which was like a round eye staring at the space.

After they found this strange giant eye, they were very shocked. From the images taken, the pupil of this giant eye is very lifelike, and it’s frightening to watch it for a long time.

It is divided into three layers: the most central circle, like the pupil, with a slightly damaged edge on one side; the periphery of the pupil is a larger circle, which tightly surrounds the central circle, like a round eye; the most peripheral circle, of course, is the eyelid. What’s more, the outer edge of the big circle has a ring like a “eye” eyelash.

So at that time, the astronauts immediately transmitted the images to the researchers on the ground for them to find out.

After receiving the “giant eye” image, the ground staff were shocked. After careful comparison, they finally confirmed that the giant eye was located in Mauritania, southwest of the Sahara desert in Africa, the largest desert in the world. In order to find out, the researchers decided to go on a field trip to find out what’s going on, or what’s the secret here.

After further exploration, we learned that the giant eye has a diameter of 48 kilometers and an altitude of 400 meters. It looks quite flat on the whole. It is surrounded by some low hills, and then there is long yellow sand in the distance. Because it looks like an eye, it is also known as the “eye of the Sahara.”.

After a lot of exploration, geologists believe that this “giant eye” is a natural phenomenon. It is because of the simultaneous formation of uplift and erosion.

It turns out that under the long yellow sand of Sahara, there is a hard rock layer. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, due to geological movement, the rocks under the desert were uplifted and exposed from the sand. After the rock layer exposed to the ground, under the action of wind, sunlight and rain, it gradually formed a huge depression.

Because the structure of the rock layer is not consistent, the degree of erosion is also different. Under the same natural conditions, the hard rocks are slightly eroded, especially some Paleozoic quartzites with high hardness and not easy to be eroded have basically maintained their original appearance. However, the softer rocks are seriously eroded, forming large pits. Coincidentally, the eroded rock just formed three concentric circles, so this strange “eye” appeared.

However, some people “don’t buy it”. They still believe that this mysterious “giant eye” is related to the lost civilization. They believe that the “eye of the Sahara” is the city of the lost ancient Atlantis, and it is a water city. The reason why it is a water city is that the formation of this geological structure must be related to water erosion.

But scientists have no way to answer this, because these things are beyond the scope of human understanding. However, Xiaobian believes that in the near future, this mysterious giant eye will be unveiled, so that we can see its “true face”.

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