The American rich, who have frozen themselves for 52 years, should have resurrected in 2017. What’s the result?

In order to achieve immortality, the American rich froze themselves for 52 years. Why didn’t they revive in 2017?

Immortality is a familiar word for everyone. From ancient times to modern times, there are too many people who do anything to achieve immortality. People’s life is limited. From the moment they are born to the moment they die, it is only a few decades. Even if someone lives to be more than 100 years old, they have already lost their big teeth.

An American tycoon uses frozen technology to achieve immortality

Since the improvement of science and technology, the food that people eat is nutritious and their life span can be extended. They can also extend their life span through various health preserving methods. However, the development of science and technology sacrifices too much environmental pollution, air emissions and so on, which are urgent problems. With the advancement of science and technology, human beings are trying their best to create a technology that can achieve immortality. 52 years ago, an American tycoon used a frozen human technology in order not to let himself die. It was supposed to thaw and resurrect in 2017 to achieve immortality, but the result is still disappointing. Can freezing really delay a person’s life? Obviously, the answer is No. In order to achieve immortality, the American rich froze themselves for 52 years. Why didn’t they revive in 2017?

In 1967, James Bedford suffered from an incurable cancer. He had a lot of money to spend. In order to keep himself alive, he invited many scientists to study the method of prolonging life, and finally developed the technology of freezing people. Although this technology breaks human’s cognition, people can’t be revived after thawing. In order to realize this dream, he has to spend a huge amount of money to the staff every year. Experts have been guarding him silently for more than 50 years, and finally failed.

The reason why the American rich didn’t revive in the end

At present, science and technology are limited. It’s totally against the common sense of nature to revive a person. If we can revive from the dead, then the world will change. From another point of view, if one can live forever, the burden on the earth will become greater and greater, the global population will only increase, the land resources will be more tense, and the energy consumption will make the earth unable to bear. This is just a luxury dream. Moreover, we will not allow the immortal creatures to live here, which has violated the survival law of nature.

People living in this world should not spend a lot of time to live forever, live a good life, create more value in their limited life, and do not waste their life. Although many people died in history, they always live in the hearts of the world, such as Edison, Einstein, Hawking and so on. Their contributions to the scientific community are full of praise.

If you want to achieve a real sense of longevity, you can be satisfied in spirit. Don’t lose yourself for these illusory things, do more meaningful things every day instead of doing nothing, and find a way to live forever. Human beings are very lucky to be able to live on the earth. They should follow the survival rules of nature, otherwise most of them will not come to a good end. Do you think immortality can be realized? You can leave a message for interaction.

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