The ancient buildings of billions of years ago, or the construction of advanced civilization, will come to visit us in the future

Since then, the earth has lived for about 4.6 billion years, which can be said to be very long-lived. For human beings, they are absolutely prehistoric ancestors. As the most advanced creature on the earth, human wisdom is unprecedented. Even if facing the earth, human beings also want to explore one or two, but the time to know the earth is only a few hundred million years. For the earth 4 billion years ago, human beings still know nothing, only know Dao: many creatures suddenly appeared on the earth, such as the extinct dinosaurs. Human beings are the latest to appear!

It’s only a few million years since human beings appeared on the earth. Compared with the long life course of 4.6 billion years on the earth, it’s almost a flash. Before the appearance of human beings, dinosaurs were the dominant force on the earth. Dinosaurs perished about 60 million years ago. At that time, dinosaurs were the same as human beings today, and they were much more powerful than human beings. All creatures on the earth dare not have anything to do with dinosaurs He positive communication, even a lot of dinosaurs will eat each other, quite terrible!

No matter how big and powerful the dinosaurs are, they can’t resist the impact of asteroids. Finally, the dinosaur civilization disappeared on the earth. Fortunately, the time is only 60 million years. If it is 100 million years later, it is difficult for human beings to trace the dinosaurs. It can be seen that the longer the time is, the civilization that once appeared on the earth will disappear completely, even if some kind of civilization is found Signs, but also can not have an accurate understanding of it, it is just speculation!

In this way, we can also know that billions of years ago, the earth was probably ruled by another highly developed civilization. They may be our ancestors, or they may have lived on the earth for millions or even tens of millions of years, but then they disappeared or died out, or they may have left, scientists say Today’s human beings, just like the outer space civilization they explored, want to rediscover a habitable planet. Maybe they found it, so they left! But I hope they can come back to see us in the future!

After all, many unsolved mysteries have been discovered on the earth, such as nuclear reactors, which have existed for at least hundreds of millions of years, and there were no people at that time. How can these things be left on the earth? There is a lot of speculation that prehistoric civilization left these things behind. Although there is no substantial evidence, it can at least prove that there have been some advanced civilizations on the earth. They may have come from other planets, or they may have multiplied on the earth. These things can only be left on the earth because the time is too long, and they will not leave a trace until they disappear!

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