The ancient city 4000 years ago, or the existence of the gate of time and space, which is suspected of digging out strange things

There are many places on the earth that are hard to reach by human beings, such as the terrible Bermuda Triangle. When ships arrive near the Bermuda Triangle, all compasses will have mysterious faults, and many strange disappearances have occurred in this area.

This area is known as the forbidden area for human beings. Mysterious disappearances are considered supernatural. No scientist can explain where the mysterious disappeared people have gone. At this time, many conspiracy theorists believe that those who mysteriously disappeared may have been “kidnapped” by aliens.

Not long ago, the United States released a UFO video, which is the first time to prove the existence of aliens. In 1987, when the former Soviet government built the reservoir, a huge building was found in the alkaym basin, which has been divided into the most mysterious parts of the earth by human beings. But why do you say that? It is not without evidence that all the tools that can identify the direction will fail when they come to this place, and even the magnetic field of this place will disappear mysteriously.

So many archaeologists came to excavate. In the process of excavation, the female body more than 4000 years ago was unexpectedly found. This body is probably related to aliens. After being excavated, many scientists were shocked. People believe that this area is related to aliens, and there are even rumors that this area has a “gate of time and space”. After a year’s research, Russian archaeologists found that this area and ancient Egypt belong to the same period of civilization. Scientists speculate that this may be a branch of ancient Egyptian civilization.

What’s more interesting is that there are storm drains near the basin, and the chemicals used in the houses near the basin are not afraid of fire, although historical records show that there have never been floods or fires in the area. Every city is in a relatively perfect state of survival. These mysterious sites have surprised scientists. How could human beings know so much thousands of years ago? That means, at that time, there are likely to be more species than humans.

Archaeologists found an observation station similar to modern people nearby, which can observe the general direction of the universe. Many marks were found near the edge of the basin, which are suspected to be professional marks for aircraft landing. They seem to point to the landing site of the alien flying saucer, and there happened to be many UFO sightings in this area.

Earlier, it was rumored that some residents had seen and talked with aliens in this area. Aliens seem to know how to communicate with humans. Moreover, the construction technology of this basin is very exquisite. At that time, the people who built this city were probably aliens. What do you think of that? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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