The ancient city of a thousand years has sunk into the bottom of the lake, and it is still vivid after many years. It can be called China’s Atlantis!

Speaking of the disappearing ancient city, I believe that Atlantis is the first thing in your mind. About 10000 years ago, there was an island in the Atlantic Ocean where more than 20 million people lived. There were more advanced technologies than now. It is said that Poseidon, the God of the sea, founded a kingdom on the island and divided it into ten districts, which were ruled by ten sons respectively. The eldest son, yatras, was the supreme ruler, so this country was called the Atlantis empire. The capital palace of Atlantis is exquisitely built. There are gold statues in the palace. Across the three canals around, it is a temple dedicated to Poseidon. However, this legendary highly civilized country was flooded and disappeared overnight.

Under the Qiandao Lake scenic spot in Chun’an County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, there is also a millennium old city, which can be called “Atlantis” of China. In 2001, a diving club in Beijing planned to invest in the development of a diving project in Qiandao Lake. When Qiu Feng, then head of the planning section of the tourism administration, went to talk about it, he suddenly thought of the ancient city that his father had mentioned, so he entrusted the divers of the club to search for it. The first time I passed the old map, I was very lucky. When I went down, I found the city wall and picked up a wall brick with the words “the 23rd year of the Republic of China” and “county magistrate Zhang Baochen” clearly engraved on it.

Divers have made amazing discoveries in ancient lion city. The wooden beams, stairs and brick walls of some houses in the city are still the same as they were. Some big houses with walls are intact. If they are not underwater, they may be able to provide people with life. The arched west gate stands in the water as if to tell us its grandeur. In the mud at the bottom of the lake, a tile engraved with “Guangxu 15 year system” and a Ming Dynasty stone tablet were also found. Having witnessed the “flooded ancient city” for many years, he began to visit and search for information since 1992, determined to restore the whole picture of the ancient city. After 13 years, Nian Nian Chun finally reappeared the two ancient cities completely on the map. Many people who had to leave their hometown at that time also came to him for consolation by reading the map. The writer Long Yingtai also went back to his hometown to find his roots, and wrote a picture for Nian Chun.

In 1959, in order to build the Xin’anjiang hydropower station, the two counties were merged. As a result, 290000 people left their hometown and moved. Two ancient cities, Shicheng and Hecheng, which have lasted for thousands of years, together with dozens of towns, thousands of villages, thousands of acres of good farmland and several houses, quietly sank to the bottom of Qiandao Lake. In order to build a reservoir, the ancient city should not be preserved so completely. However, according to the old man who moved out of the ancient city, Shicheng was far away from the dam, and the city people would venture to see the island water so soon, so there was no time to move it. Therefore, the ancient lion city can be preserved so completely. Due to the reasons of “breaking the four old” and old city reconstruction, it is difficult to find a complete ancient city on land.

Nowadays, the underwater Millennium ancient city is still well preserved, and the government is also trying to study how to further develop and utilize the ancient city, so that people can see the face of the ancient city again. In order to protect the ancient city from damage, people can not dive down to feel it, but then they can understand the “mystery of the ancient city” through 4D cinema!

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