The ancient culture suddenly disappeared after the creation of characters and star images, which is supposed to be the alien population left over from the earth

The origin of life and human civilization

What is the origin of life? Up to now, biologists and scientists can not give the correct answer. Although modern scientists have the blessing of technology, they only know that everything in the world is made up of particles, but how these particles form human beings, how they evolve into human beings, how they form different creatures on the earth, and our universe and planet are also unknown People have definite answers.

However, it is known that human beings are the most intelligent creatures so far. They can make use of nature freely, even control nature to some extent, and create what they want. However, human beings are not the creator of nature. They cannot create life, let alone nature. The origin of human beings is one of the most difficult problems. Most people believe that human beings evolved from apes Why don’t apes evolve into adults?

So where and how the earliest civilization of mankind developed may be a mystery forever.

Hieroglyphs were discovered by the founders of early civilization

According to the existing records, the earliest human civilization can be traced back to many ancient primitive civilization societies, the most typical of which are ancient Egypt, ancient Babylon, ancient China and ancient India. These ancient civilizations have been passed down, which makes scientists very curious about them. When talking about the earliest civilization of mankind, we have to mention a mysterious race. These are Sumerians. They are a race in the ancient society. Now there are many unofficial rumors. They are the oldest nation and the torchbearers of human civilization.

It is said that the Sumerians created hieroglyphs. For race, hieroglyphs are the inheritance of culture and the progress of civilization. Only words can make culture and civilization continue to spread. Some scientists claim that the Sumerians have very high attainments in mathematics, which may be even more advanced than modern mathematics. According to the number of fossils and remains of the ruins, the Sumerians have a long history It is said that Sumerians were able to calculate the 7 th power of 4200 at that time, which is still an astronomical number, and ordinary people can’t calculate it.

At the same time, the Sumerians also have a super era knowledge of astrogeography. For example, the star map they left is almost the same as today’s star map, so how did they do it in the era of no telescope and no accurate exploration means? After all, they really know about the outside world and the universe.

Where are the Sumerians

So if the Sumerian civilization is so developed, why is there no trace of their race now, and how far has their civilization developed?

Where is the origin of civilization? What is the medium that can support these civilizations? What kind of technology have they got? All kinds of problems have been raised in turn. Some scientists even speculate and put forward theories. Whether the Sumerians may be aliens or not, and the degree of ethnic civilization left behind is more than that. For them, it may be just a trick to carve worms. The things left behind are also minor details, which need not be cared about at all. Some even put forward that the Sumerians are aliens Have you already left the earth or been picked up by aliens?


There are also some very doubtful points. For example, the civilization of Babylon has formed a system, so why did the kingdom of Babylon disappear forever in the change of times, and some precious materials have not been preserved at all? There is also a doubtful point. The more developed civilization in history disappeared, the more rapidly it disappeared, basically silent and drowned immediately It’s gone.

There are only some enigmatic sites and scattered records left, which, in anyone’s opinion, is not just because of war and incurable diseases.

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