The ancient emperor’s search for immortality is here

Immortality has always been the emperor’s hard to seek, they are hard-working people and money, but often not in the end. In fact, there is immortality in nature. This creature is what we call the lighthouse jellyfish.

Lighthouse jellyfish is a small jellyfish, the body is bell shaped, about 4-5mm long, transparent body, you can see the red internal organs in the body, shape like a lighthouse, so it is named lighthouse jellyfish. It feeds on plankton and small fish in the water and is carnivorous.

Lighthouse jellyfish can be divided into two stages: asexual propagation of Hydra and sexual propagation of water mother, which is equivalent to childhood and adulthood. Lighthouse jellyfish can grow from Hydra to jellyfish and reproduce sexually. After reproduction, lighthouse jellyfish become Hydra, which can be said to be rejuvenated.

Theoretically speaking, the lighthouse jellyfish can be repeated all the time. As long as it is not eaten by other creatures, it can live all the time. That is to say, it is immortal and has an immortal body.

Scientists have been studying the secrets of Lighthouse jellyfish, and are also looking for whether this “immortal jellyfish” can benefit mankind and make more contributions to mankind.

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