The “ancient warrior statue” appeared in the Argentine mountains, 106 meters high. Who left it?

Although the earth’s population has exceeded 7.5 billion, there are still many places uninhabited. In the unknown and dangerous geographical environment, we have no way to reach these dangerous corners, so in the early stage of human exploration, we will use satellite maps and other high technologies to replace human exploration of unknown areas. Over the years, Google Earth has also played an important role. From the north pole to the south pole, as long as it can photograph the place, we can always harvest some unexpected discoveries.

Statues in the mountains

If you want to talk about UFO fans, you have to mention the UFO Hunter Wei Lin. Some time ago, he made such comments on his personal media account. He found a huge statue on the mountains of Argentina, a Greek warrior. He claims to have discovered it through Google Earth. The statue is 106 meters high and looks lifelike. Surprisingly, the statue still seems to have a crown and Cape on its head and a shield and weapon in its hand.

Who put the statue?

After this picture spread to the Internet, it caused a great stir. Many researchers also analyzed the pattern of the rock and thought that the rock was very similar to the costume style of ancient warriors. But ancient Greece has long disappeared on the map of the earth. Why is this statue so intact after thousands of years of weathering? Therefore, many conspiracy theorists believe that there are still unknown civilizations in this mountain range. Although these civilizations disappear on the surface of the earth, they have been living an isolated life in the mountain range.

Others believe that the statue was not made by human beings, but by extraterrestrial life from outer space. Although we have been looking for extraterrestrial life, no one has really seen them. Many people think that extraterrestrial life has come to the earth long before, and it has also helped human beings on the earth to improve the level of science and technology. Maybe the time when the aliens came to earth was in ancient Greece. They saw the ancient Greek people and made statues for them.

In our opinion, it seems that science fiction has no real basis. Scientists also express their opinions after seeing these photos. In fact, this so-called statue is probably just an ordinary rock. When people see some strange things, they always have illusory cognition. In fact, this is normal.

Although Scott welling is searching for UFOs every day, how many videos can really confirm the alien civilization? If we want to determine the trace of extraterrestrial life, we can only proceed from science, and only when we have the substantial evidence can we move people’s hearts. What do you think?

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