The ancients who lived in the Aegean Sea 2000 years ago? Suspected to be related to parallel universe, now has the answer!

When we talk about mirage, many people are not surprised. In our cognition, it is a natural phenomenon caused by the refraction of light, which is not worth discussing. But with the development of science and technology, it seems that there are many mirages, which are difficult to explain by science. These mirages can not be found on the earth. So where are the mirages in the air? Is it really a parallel universe?

Ancient science and technology is very backward, so when the ancients saw a mirage, they always associated with the gods. Shen Kuo once recorded such a mirage in MengXiBiTan. At that time, Ouyang Xiu was resting in a hall. In the evening, he suddenly heard the sound of a roaring crowd. When he looked at it, he found that there was a busy market in the air, and there were many cars and horses. Actually, the mirage in Shanghai doesn’t make any sound. So, we can’t verify whether Ouyang Xiu hears the illusion or the real sound.

What happened over the Aegean Sea?

In 1954, a strange phenomenon also happened over the Aegean Sea in Europe. At that time, there were many tourists playing on the beach. The weather was very sunny on that day. It seemed that a huge ship appeared on the sea not far away, and there were many strange people on the ship. When people take a closer look, they find that the people on the ship are actually wearing ancient clothes. These people are exactly the clothes of the Vikings. It has been more than 2000 years since now. At this time, 2400 tourists on the beach realized that this was actually a fantasy, but why did the ancient scene happen in today’s world? Is this really just an ordinary mirage?

The explanation of scientists

Scientists are also puzzled after seeing this phenomenon. It is reasonable to say that the formation of mirage has nothing to do with light, but how can the pictures of thousands of years ago be projected into the world today? So scientists have come up with a bold idea that maybe mirages have something to do with parallel universes. In another time and space, the Vikings are engaged in tribal war. At a certain time, the time and space are in disorder, and the picture of their battle field is projected into today’s world.

Although until now, mankind has not found the entrance of parallel universe, but the existence of parallel universe has become a fact that many people believe. If we only use the refraction of light to explain, mirage is still lacking, so many people think that this may be another manifestation of the parallel world.

In addition to mirage, many people also have some magical experiences. Although these experiences seem unexplainable, they are suspected to prove the existence of parallel universe. When we arrive at a strange place for the first time, there will be a sense of familiarity in our hearts. Maybe we have already seen such a picture in another time and space. I don’t know what you think of it?

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