The answer to why human beings are looking for alien life and civilization may be unexpected to many people

With the beginning of the industrial revolution 300 years ago, human civilization has entered the era of scientific and technological development. With the rapid development of science and technology, people’s living standards are getting higher and higher, and human beings have realized their dream of flying to the sky. They go out of the earth and begin to explore the universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth, they will know the vastness of the universe and the insignificance of the earth and human beings. This achievement of mankind is insignificant in the face of the vast universe. At the same time, many people will think of the same question: is there any alien life and civilization in the universe? Although some people insist that there is only one intelligent civilization in the universe, most people still believe that there is extraterrestrial life and civilization in the universe.

When human beings came out of the earth to see the vast universe, scientists started the alien exploration program. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, launched more than 40 years ago, flew out of the solar system with human information and the earth’s coordinates. Now they first break through the top of the solar sphere and enter interstellar space. They are the farthest ships to navigate.

Although Voyager has entered interstellar space, they still haven’t found any extraterrestrial life and civilization. In this case, scientists are still speeding up the pace of exploring alien life and civilization. In recent years, all over the world are increasing investment in this field. China has also spent more than 20 years to build the world’s most powerful radio telescope, the Chinese sky eye. Its main task is also to find and explore alien civilization.

So why do humans seek to explore alien life and civilization? Can’t we hide ourselves and develop quietly? The answer may be unexpected. One of the reasons why human beings are looking for extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization is out of curiosity. Because the development of human science and technology is very short, it is only a few hundred years,

The real period of rapid development of human science and technology is about one hundred years. Therefore, the universe is full of strangeness and mystery for human beings. Human curiosity urges us to explore the mysteries of the universe. Among many mysteries of the universe, the existence of alien civilization is the most important thing that human beings want to know. In order to explore alien life and civilization, we should not only satisfy our curiosity, but also for the future and continuation of human civilization.

Maybe many people don’t understand why? Now let’s make an analysis of this. There is no doubt that human civilization is a great civilization. It takes only millions of years for human beings to complete the evolution of intelligent life, which is a miracle of life. You know, dinosaurs used to be the overlord of the earth. After living on the earth for 160 million years, they did not evolve into intelligent life. They were destroyed by an asteroid 65 million years ago.

The development of human civilization is very fast, especially in the past 100 years, the development of science and technology is a leap forward. This speed of development makes human beings feel very proud and think that human beings are too great. But this kind of pride disappeared when human beings walked out of the earth and saw the vast universe. At this time, human beings realized: the earth is too small, human beings are too small.

The universe is too big for us to imagine. The diameter of the Milky way is 200000 light-years, and the diameter of the Virgo supercluster where the Milky way is located is hundreds of millions of light-years. And this supercluster is just the tip of the iceberg in the universe. The distance of the universe is in light years, and the speed of the universe is in light speed. In front of the vast scale of the universe, the speed of the spaceship must at least reach the speed of light before it has the initial ability to go out of the solar system and explore the surrounding galaxies.

And the speed of light is nothing in the universe. It can be said that it is the most common speed. If a spaceship flies at the speed of light, we can’t even go out of the Milky way, let alone explore a broader extragalactic space. So, when will human beings be able to explore the whole galaxy and universe? With the rapid development of human science and technology, we can achieve this goal sooner or later, but this time may be very long, it may be hundreds of millions of years, it may be billions of years, it may be tens of billions of years, it may never be achieved.

Of course, human beings are not willing to wait for such a long time, but the development of science and technology has to come step by step, and it is not so easy for various scientific theories to achieve major breakthroughs. Many of our current physical theories are still following the achievements of the older generation, such as Newton and Einstein. It is not so easy for human civilization to give birth to a scientist with such great talent as Einstein That’s easy.

In addition to developing science and technology step by step, is there any way for human civilization to make a qualitative leap in science and technology, so that human civilization can quickly master the technology of light speed flight and super light speed flight? The answer is yes. The hope is a strong alien civilization.

The universe has a history of 13.8 billion years since the big bang of singularity. In such a long time, the universe is bound to give birth to a lot of intelligent life and civilization, and the birth time of these intelligent life will be different, some very early, some very late. If alien civilizations were born tens of thousands, millions, hundreds of millions of years earlier than human beings, their scientific and technological strength may be much stronger than human beings. This gap is unimaginable.

If human beings can explore and find advanced civilizations that are far more advanced than human beings, we may be able to get in touch with and communicate with them, and maybe we can get some very advanced technologies for human beings from alien civilizations. Of course, it is impossible for advanced civilizations to give their own advanced technologies to mankind, but some backward technologies do not matter. They may be given to mankind. For example, advanced civilization has mastered wormhole technology, superluminal flight technology, light speed technology, nuclear fusion technology and so on, which are very backward technologies. Advanced civilization may have been eliminated.

These backward technologies eliminated by advanced civilization are also too advanced for human civilization. It may take thousands or tens of thousands of years for human beings to study the speed of light technology by themselves. But if we can get in touch with the advanced civilization of the universe, we may get it. In this way, we can save thousands of years, tens of thousands of years of development time, make human civilization grow faster and stronger, and step into the real interstellar civilization.

Of course, there are certain risks in contacting and communicating with alien civilizations. Hawking, a great physicist, reminded people not to contact with aliens more than once. Hawking worried that alien civilization might not be friendly. In case of malicious alien civilization, once the earth and human beings are discovered, it may bring great disaster to the earth.

Although there are some unknown risks in exploring and contacting alien civilizations, it is necessary for human civilization to develop and grow rapidly. With the slow development of human beings, the speed is too slow, we can not be closed in the solar system and not communicate with the outside world. Even if we don’t take the initiative to search for the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, the earth will be discovered by extraterrestrial civilization sooner or later. Therefore, we should take the initiative to speed up the search for extraterrestrial civilization, find a strong extraterrestrial civilization as soon as possible, conduct friendly exchanges, get help, and make human beings strong.

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