The antimatter engine is expected to make a qualitative leap in the speed of the spacecraft, which will take only two hours to reach Mars

Since the singularity explosion, the universe has been expanding rapidly. After 13.8 billion years of expansion, no one knows how big the universe is now. At present, the observable range of mankind is 93 billion light-years. Such a wide range may only be the tip of the iceberg in the universe. However, even if the observable range of mankind is at present, we have no ability to realize exploration.

Human beings are full of curiosity and desire to explore the universe, but the most important thing to realize the dream of exploring the universe is speed. In ancient times, people also imagined how big the earth was and wanted to travel all over the world. However, there was no fast transportation at that time, so it was impossible to travel all over the world.

With the continuous progress of human civilization and the emergence of science and technology, human beings have created developed means of transportation. With the advantage of speed, the distance of the earth has become shorter. Now it is very easy to go from the south end of the earth to the north end. It will not take long to get there by plane. The same is true on a cosmic scale.

The reason why we think the universe is vast is that we don’t have a fast spaceship and the advantage of speed. Naturally, we feel that the universe is too big to imagine. This kind of thinking is the same as the ancient people’s view of the vastness of the earth. Therefore, if we want to make human beings feel that the universe is not big, we must constantly make breakthroughs in speed. Now our spaceship can’t even fly out of the solar system, let alone explore the universe.

There are eight planets in the solar system, with Pluto on the edge. Once scientists thought that Pluto would leave the top of the heliosphere, enter the interstellar space and leave the solar system. But later, through exploration and research, scientists found that the range of the solar system is much larger than previously estimated. Going out of the top of the heliosphere does not mean coming out of the solar system. Only flying out of the Oort Nebula can we really come out of the solar system.

The thickness of the Oort nebula is one light-year, so the diameter of the solar system is about two light-years. At the speed of Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 spacecraft, it may take tens of thousands of years to fly out of the solar system. It can be seen that our speed on earth is already very fast, but it is much slower than the tortoise speed in the cosmic scale.

The distance scale of the universe, light year is the basic unit, which is equivalent to the basic unit meter on our earth. A light year is about 9.5 trillion kilometers. This distance is too big for human beings, but light year is only the basic unit in the universe, which is the shortest distance. The corresponding basic speed is the speed of light. Therefore, if human beings want to become an interstellar civilization and initially have the ability to explore the outer space of the solar system, the speed of the spacecraft must at least reach the speed of light.

The speed of spaceship is closely related to energy. Only when energy is constantly breakthrough, can speed be constantly breakthrough. At present, the chemical fuel used by human beings can make the speed increase very limited, which is also the reason why there has been no substantial breakthrough in the speed of spacecraft in human space exploration in the past decade.

Only when a new fuel completely replaces chemical fuel can the speed of the spacecraft achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Even if the speed of light cannot be realized, it is possible to realize sub light speed flight. What kind of energy can completely replace chemical energy? Scientists have finally found this new energy after research, which is antimatter energy.

As for antimatter, I believe many people have heard that it is the antimatter state of positive matter. For example, positrons and negative protons are antiparticles, and the matter composed of these antiparticles is antimatter. When the positive and negative matter meet, the two sides will annihilate and cancel each other, explode and produce huge energy, which is so large that we can’t imagine how many times stronger than the nuclear explosion.

Antimatter is different from dark matter. Dark matter is still in the stage of theoretical search, and no dark matter has been found in the universe. However, antimatter has been discovered for a long time. At present, scientists have been able to extract a small amount of antimatter in the laboratory to produce antimatter. However, due to the lack of human understanding of antimatter, there is no way to carry out large-scale industrial collection and manufacturing.

Scientists imagine that the real antimatter engine can be built and then installed on the spaceship, so that the speed of the spaceship is expected to reach 15000 times that of the bullet. Maybe many people don’t know how fast this speed is. Let’s take an example. It takes about half a year for the spaceship to arrive from the earth to Mars. And the spacecraft with antimatter engine can reach Mars in only 2 hours. Isn’t it very fast.

Of course, this speed can not be compared with the speed of light. At most, it is sub light speed. Even so, human beings have the hope to fly out of the solar system. Of course, the potential of antimatter may be far more than that. Subluminal speed is only the speed at which human beings initially use antimatter energy. With the deepening of scientists’ research and exploration of antimatter, the antimatter engine will continue to be upgraded to make its speed infinitely close to the speed of light.

When the speed of the human spaceship can reach 99.99% of the speed of light, it will only take one year to fly out of the solar system. At that time, we can explore some galaxies near the solar system and explore whether other galaxies have planets suitable for human survival. Only when we get out of the solar system can we really get in touch with the alien civilization. Otherwise, if we stay in the solar system, we will never get in touch with the alien civilization.

Light speed flight is only the first step for human beings to explore the universe and realize interstellar flight. This speed is nothing in the cosmic scale. It takes about 200000 years for a spaceship to fly at the speed of light and fly out of the galaxy. Therefore, after the speed of light is realized, the next step is to explore superluminal flight, which is the king speed of interstellar navigation. Only by superluminal flight can human beings walk out of the galaxy To explore more distant stars.

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