The appearance of “neon cloud” in Japan is more beautiful than rainbow, but scientists are not so happy!

There is a strange phenomenon in the sky of Japan, with a touch of “neon cloud”. Is it good or bad?

When it comes to Japan, many people feel indignant. It has a great relationship with China. Although it occupies a small area, its scientific and technological strength is quite strong. Japan is known as an island country, surrounded by a lot of oceans. Its geographical location is not superior, so a variety of natural disasters often occur. In fact, Japan has another title, which is neon country. Why do you give it such a beautiful name? It turns out that neon clouds did appear in Japan. What is the situation?

Mysterious clouds in Japan

Just entering June, many strange things happened. Some time ago, an unidentified flying object appeared in the sky and landed in a small town in India, forming a huge pit. This unidentified flying object has not yet been fully understood. Another supernatural phenomenon appeared in Japan. At that time, people who were going out found a cloud, which was completely different from ordinary white clouds. It was surrounded by rainbows. At that time, many people thought that it was a rainbow, so it was so beautiful He began to make a wish and put his beautiful desire on this cloud. There is a strange phenomenon in the sky of Japan, with a touch of “neon cloud”. Is it good or bad?

After the wish is made, we begin to think about a question, why does it appear like this? Many people can’t help but associate it with UFOs. Experts have explained it and think it is a very normal natural phenomenon, which is called circumhorizon arc.

What are the causes of neon clouds?

The reason is that there are ice particles in the sky, because the sunlight will also shine on the ice particles, so the color of clouds will change. This is also the reason why many residents can see neon clouds. The color is extremely attractive, which is more beautiful than the synthetic photos. This phenomenon has not appeared several times in our life, mainly because there are many reasons to limit it. It can only appear when the height reaches more than 6000 meters, and it can only appear when many conditions are met. This supernatural phenomenon has aroused many people’s reverie.

Some people think that this is not a good thing. In recent years, the earth appears frequently, and there are too many supernatural phenomena. These phenomena are like warning human beings that only when human beings have made great changes in the earth’s environment can this series of strange scenes appear. Some people hold the opposite view that this is a good thing. Since 2020, we have been suffering from disasters. Now, this neon cloud may have another meaning, and there are different opinions about it. Many people are very afraid of the appearance of neon clouds. Will it pose a certain threat to local residents?

So far, the discussion about neon cloud has not stopped. It is labeled with mysterious color, which is both exciting and frightening. The reason why it really appears is that scientists can not give an exact answer, and human beings can only open up endless speculation. There are also many supernatural phenomena in our life, such as the red dome in Britain, the inverted rainbow and so on, which bring great surprise to human beings. Do you think these supernatural phenomena are good or bad? You can leave a message for interaction.

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